Galvania as viewed from above its disc of stars, dust and gas.

Galvania, designated as NGC 4293 by human astronomers, is a small spiral galaxy situated about 56 million light years away from Earth. It was first observed on 14th March 1784 by human astronomer William Herschel. It's name is derived from ancient Taan mythology.

The galaxy rightfully belongs to the Taans, a peacemaking civilisation with settlements all over the galaxy. Upon their first interstellar journey, they arrived at their nearest star system and established a settlement there. This kickstarted a new age of space exploration, where they rapidly moved out across the galaxy in search of new worlds to colonise.

Before settlements appeared on nearby worlds, Basaten endured a brutal and bloody revolution. This forced the Kings and Queens who ruled the fourteen Kingdoms into beginning a new space age. 

The core systems is the most contested region in the galaxy, hence its significant role in the Galvanian War. The supermassive black hole is believed to be a portal to another universe, although no one attempted it for thousands of years in fear of being torn apart. Despite this fear, the Taans were curious and wanted to explore and colonise a whole new universe. They invented the Wormhole Drive as part of their research into black holes. After this invention, space exploration exploded again, as new galaxies were explored and new settlements sprung up.

Galactic peace was broken in 131428 CE, when the military base on Eldrum was attacked by the Hael Republic. The attack started the Galvanian War, which brought both civilisations close to extinction. The Intergalactic Confederacy recieved a distress call from a trapped soldier, which they hesitated to respond to. After weeks of debate, the Confederacy agreed to intervene.


Galvania is split into four different regions, all of which own unique cultures and languages. They are each named Karroria, Quillimia, Waloppa and Ytasa. They collaborate together in a union as part of the Taan Alliance. From 145000 CE onwards, the region Karroria began seeking independence from the alliance, attempting two referendums on it but failing each time. Around 147000 CE, a seperatist movement began, which quickly gained momentum and millions of new members. 

Ytasa, as voted by the Taans, remains the most culturally diverse region of the galaxy. It attempted independence once but failed. It is still very committed to independence but rather challenges the alliance politically, unlike Karroria.

The Taan Alliance is paranoid of regions seperating from each other, as they fear it could spark a dominio effect and bring down the alliance internally. 


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