The Galvanian War was a major galactic conflict that broke out in 131428 CE when the Hael Republic launched an attack on the Taans' military base on Eldrum.  As a consequence of the attack, the United Kingdoms of Basaten declared war on the Hael Republic and reinforced major colonies with vast numbers of troops and star cruisers.

The war culminated in the last decade of the Battle of Eliptis, when the Intergalactic Confederacy intervened and pushed the Haels out of the star system. A coalition force, involving the Confederacy of Humanity and many other civilisations, was launched into Galvania after they recieved a distress signal. They supported the Taans and ultimately defeated the Haels in 131530 CE, before encouraging them to sign a peace treaty.


Before the war, the Taans and Haels were aware of each other, but the Haels were too focused on rapid colonisation in their region of the galaxy to even be bothered to make contact. Their colonisation ambitions were more forceful, as they invaded and obilterated younger civilisations. Until around 130000 CE, the Hael Republic set its sight on the lonely icy world of Eldrum, where intelligence pointed towards a military base.

The United Kingdoms of Basaten lived in relative peace since the Fryda Revolution, except for some minor conflicts. They believed they were invulnerable to attack, and that any attack would be retaliated against with overwhelming force. 

Once the ambush on Eldrum Base took place, the Taans felt hopeless. The leader of the Kingdoms' announced to their thousands of colonies that war had broken out and military service was compulsory. Thousands of troops and star cruisers were sent to reinforce Eldrum and search for bodies in the rubble. The military was mobilised to several star systems, especially Eliptis, one of a few major economic colonies.

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