This article is about the many Gateway Transmissions which eventually led to the Astral War breaking loose. It all had its roots when the Astral Gateways were cracked, beaming out pure light and energy. The other side appeared to contain transmission messages from precursor civilizations, like the First Civilization, The CYREX, and many more. A full log of major transmissions are below.

Transmission I: First Civilization (February 29th)

As soon as the first gateway was cracked in the Milky Way, many ships detected familiar signals, which corresponded to messages and transmission wavelengths. Once decoded, a flurry of messages flooded their ships and clogged detectors for weeks to come. Here is the most notable message that was decoded.

Unknown Voice 1 (Sire): -we must seal them immediately. These fools have toyed with our reality for too long... Once they gain enough power in the cosmos, all life will be erased from their wrath!

Unknown Voice 2 (Advisor): Sire, there must be some other way! Do you not know of our true core values? We can not flush these people down to the ground! Can we even defeat them?

Sire: I am confident that an installation of (unintelligible) around Valkyria will do. Nobody in any war of any history has survived one at even a quarters' power!

Advisor: Might I interject?

Sire: Fine. Go on with what you must say.

Advisor: The Higher Ones, well, are much different than anything that we have seen. It is possible that they have originated in a completely different galaxy! Any of our beams might prove nill compared to what they might have in store. Have you ever seen the damned rates of expansion? They are overtaking us in almost every field-

Sire: I simply do not believe you. Do you know who we even are?! We are the invincible, and unstoppable (unintelligible) The fact that we can force The Orrakoth and many others under its knees should prove our strength. I want no more of this negative talk. Capiche?

Advisor: I, Well, We-... Yes Sire.

Sire: Good. I expect you to tell everyone to construct them immediately. Not only are they cheap, but undeniably powerful. These Higher Ones will know what hell is like.

Advisor: Yes, Sire. These alien scoundrels will be taught what true power feels like.

Judging by this transmission, a large-scale war was in full effect, or at least at a sort of calm before the storm. The Sire is theorized to be a high leader or general of the First Civilization. No evidence of large-scale weapons have been found in ancient First Civilization space, which leaves many theories. The most popular one states that the Astral Kin wiped away all traces of the First Civilization, and attempted to halt the CYREX before eventually returning to their gateways.

Transmission II: The C.Y.R.E.X (April 3rd)

When the second Gateway opened up in the Ambrosia Galaxy, the science ships were once again pummeled with countless transmissions. However, they were prepared for it to happen again. As a result, more material was extracted from the messages. Here is another notable message, this time created by the CYREX.

CYREX: I see that foreign invaders are trying to set up their ranks nearby our areas. This is unacceptable. Not only in the fact that they are challenging us, but you too, my fruitful spawn.

High Worshipper: Yes, father. I have noted these threats. Unfortunately, we can not do anything about them. I believe that your divine intervention must commence in order for these demons to be dealt with.

CYREX: Before any of my gracious strength saves you and our galaxy once more, have you checked their ships, just in case?

High Worshipper: Yes, father. Our scout ships are shot down immediately after as well. We equip them with shields crafted by your knowledge. We have no idea how they could have killed our faithful crews.

CRYEX: This is a notable issue, then. I will inform your HR about this in about... now. I have also alerted our militaries about this issue.

High Worshipper (Panicked): I, (oh my) Sir, Father, My most sincere apologies. However, I-I have j...just received word that th-these threats have just begun a-attacking our.. (stutters) our starbases! The best ones too! Please... Protect us!

CYREX: Very well. Fleets have been mobilized in your area. You'd best thank us once you have been saved once again by us mighty and superior AI.

High Worshipper: Of course. Us inferior organisms thank you for everything.

Transmission III: The Inox Forerunners (May 7th)

After hearing stories of transmissions dating millions of years old, The Commonwealth decided to open a few of their gateways located in the M110 galaxy. When they were inevitably cracked open, more science and transmissions crews were present at the areas, also coming from many origins. When the flood of messages broke through, many were in surprise on what they had in store. Here is what the most notable message contained.

Forerunner Chief: Greetings, messenger. I presume that you are going to speak about the Astral Menace that troubles our allies over near The Tapaloth.

Messenger: Why yes, I was going to speak about them. There are some troubling advances that they have made. You see, our neighbors, The ███, in The Orrakoth have faced stronger and stronger forces bordering them. I believe that the Menaces are mobilizing near our borders as well.

Forerunner Chief: I see. How does their fleets compare to ours?

Messenger: We aren't sure. Every time we try to advance or sneak by, we get shot down. We have no idea how this is possible, considering that we use the most state-of-the-art technology we currently have.

Forerunner Chief: I- Very well.... It seems as if they are, somehow, more powerful than us. Should we consider having our allies by our side?

Messenger: Considering the foreign invaders' power, I believe that combining our power may the only option for us to stall them in any form. All of our allies pale in comparison to their power.

Forerunner Chief: How will this affect our refugees that we are taking in? All of the miniscule empires are getting crushed instantly!

Messenger: I do not know. All I do know is that we are nearing capacity for our refugees. I believe that Order 7-C may be the only way to be at a stable capacity.

Forerunner Chief: Alright, thank you for this knowledge. I will alert my subordinates about this issue immediately. The military should mobilize within the next few hours. Thank you for your knowledge, and hail to ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᛁᛋᛏ.

The transmission eventually went on for approximately 1 more hour. This message made many people quite surprised, as a result of Andromeda being present in this transmission. Whatever these 'Astral' people may be, they obviously are dangerous. As a result of the fears caused, some medium-class starships guarded the gateways soon after this transmission.

Eventually, many scientists and psions in The Commonwealth and The Confederacy got worried. Many of them predicted that the 'menace' that was referenced may be beyond these gates, waiting for their return to our universe. But, after seeing the heightened energy readings from the broken gateways, many engineers and tycoons did not mind these factors, as they presumed that The Astral Kin had died along with the other precursors. Big businesses also hired private militias to guard the Gateways, just in case something were to happen. The transmission log IV is below.

Transmission IV: (May 23rd)

Forerunner President: -So, what you are saying has been backed up?

Forerunner General: Yes, sir. We have seen that The Astral Menace has been leeching off of our poor, poor Tapaloth. They appear to reside in a globular cluster outside of her. We know not of what they are doing there.

Forerunner President: How come we haven't seen them in there before, in our most guarded area?

Forerunner General: Well, you see, they just appeared there. Out of nowhere, most likely using some advanced technology to their advantage. Reverse-engineering their technology has proven futile.

Forerunner President: What do you think they even used? Are there any hints?

Forerunner General: Sir, I know nothing, other than the fact that they can appear to rip open space, bending the space-time continuum to their will. We think this lets their fleets have a sort of instantaneous travel.

Forerunner President: Impossible! If this is the case, then we surely can not survive any upcoming conflict. We surely need ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᛁᛋᛏ if we want any upper hand in this.

Forerunner General: Of course, sir. She is the only way that the Menace can be defeated. Not even the brightest minds in the universe may stop them.

Forerunner President: Are you confident in that answer? You might be doubting our power. Do you not know of our sheer-

Forerunner General: Might I interject? I am sure that we are indeed a force to be reckoned with. However, these Menaces are something else. I am afraid that my answer stands.

Forerunner President: Fine. If these people truly are stronger than us, then I suppose we shall see where ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᛁᛋᛏ will guide us.

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