The Geminis Galaxy, from the Hubble "Sa" type, is formed out of two galaxies that are currently undergoing through a colliding process to form a single unified Galaxy. It is also known under the names of each of the previous galaxy, NGC 287. It's located at 244 million light years from the Milky Way, in the Constellation of Draco.


It was discovered on the 16th September 1884 by Lewis A. Swift. for Humanity. It takes its name "Geminis", meaning "twins" in the ancient language of Latin, due to its nature as two galaxies forming a single one.

It was settled by Humans from the nearby Lewis Galaxy in 150 289 CE, by colonist from the Lewis Federation and later on, by the Empire of Mankind and the United Alliance.

Some other Alien species are natives to this Galaxy. Among them is the Yoldar, a nation that had originated and thrive for milenia in the NGC 287 Galaxy, before colliding with the NGC 288 , declaring a war against the Arong, native from the NGC 288 Galaxy for supremacy and colonization of planets of both Galaxies that stood very close by. War made both civilizations weak and final collapse began when the Galaxies finally joined together. This meant the Yoldar and Arong civilization to finally end up breaking up into smaller and less developed nations.

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