The Genesis Moment is the point when a species discovers something that helps their race, and completely changes the future of said race.  Scientists have for millennia known that all species have their own Genesis Moment, but whether or not it is recorded in the history of said species is another matter entirely.  Why it is sometimes not recorded is not well understood; probably it just simply is not taken as something important at the time.  Other times perhaps a ruthless race is covering up their true origins to further their agendas.  Here are some selected Genesis Moments in history.


Humanity had their genesis moment on Earth when they figured out how to control fire, approximately 1 million BCE.  It provided light, heat, warmth, and enabled more advanced forms of cooking than could be done before.


Before their Genesis Moment, the Plu'ani of Mykhatsi were relentlessly hunted by the myriad fauna.  At night, they had to hide in any crevasse they could find and wait until morning when the most dangerous nocturnal predators retired for the day.  Then, they stumbled across a natural quarry filled with small stones that gave off a bright blue light.  The Plu'ani referred to these stones as "Stars of the Heavens," and the stones enabled them to utilize the entire cycle, and not worry about predators.  The quarry has since been exhausted, but it has served its purpose.


The Farramites of the planet Farram evolved from plant life, and so their Genesis Moment cannot be discerned without speculation.  Eons of study resulted in the revelation in the 119000s, that probably their Moment came when the Farramites figured out how to put large stones in the sunlight offered by their twin suns to warm them up.  They then huddled around these stones at night to keep warm, and not freeze.


The Delvans of the planet Delva had their genesis moment when they first came onto land as it allowed them to build their own settlements and gradually become more intelligent.


The Torcans of Rheon has their genesis moment when they discovered ancient temples left behind from the Nianthr civilization, proving that other intelligent species had existed on their world, prior to the existence of the Torcan race.


The Ski'pec had their genesis moment when they began to use certain metals (most likely a quartz-type alloy) with opal to create flame-wielding tools. The atmosphere allowed for the flames to spread and arc, similar to lightning. They had primal tools of the metal with a slit, with opal beads sliding up and down the tool, creating the arcing flames. The sounds were used to communicate and may be why Ski'pec are so attracted to bright lights and electric/electronic noises.

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