A Genetically engineered species (GES for short) is any species that has been artificially modified from its ancestors to either adapt to either gain new features or adapt to a certain environment that the original species couldn't.

This will be a list, detailing all the genetically engineered species across the galaxy.


There are many bioengineered species that are descended from Humans and while they all trace their origins back to Earth, most of them occupy their own worlds which they consider to be their homes.

Name World Description
Aerians Mars Aerians were created when the some of the colonists on Mars genetically engineered themselves to have wings so they could fly due to the planet's low gravity. Because of how much they have genetically shifted over the last few millennia, they are unable to interbreed with Martians.
Ceresians Ceres Ceresians, nicknamed fairies, were created as an attempt to make an entirely new species that could live on a small world like Ceres. They are 1-2ft tall, have glowing wings, and are vegan, coexisting peacefully with the animals. Their home, Ceres is now a worldship, travelling the galaxy, allowing them to explore the cosmos from the comfort of their own world. Ceresians, and their culture resemble something straight out of a fantasy.
Lunarians Earth's moon Lunarians are winged beings that inhabit Earth's moon. Their wings are smaller than a birds', thanks to the lower gravity. Like birds, they teach their children to fly by pushing them off of one of the taller trees. Lunarians mostly resemble base Humans however they have feathers on their arms and are somewhat taller and skinnier.
Mercurians MercuryMasser Mercurians are similar to Lunarians in terms of appearance except all of them have darker skin and larger wings than their counterparts on Earth's moon. Their ancestors originated on the equatorial regions of Earth and Venus.
Mimasians Mimas Mimasians are the inhabitants of Saturn's terraforme moon, Mimas. Similar to the Ceresians, they and their culture resemble something out of a fantasy. For example, most of their homes are located within the 600ft tall trees that cover most of Mimas in a dense, giant forest, connected by long bridges. Mimasians possess large wings on their backs which were created by Human colonists to allow them to fly around Mimas due to its low gravity.
Nives Bendis A tall, flying amphibians descended from Human colonists, inhabiting the T-class world of Bendis in the Zagrei system. If you were to look at them, you wouldn't expect them to be descended from Humans because of their alien appearance. They live in a matriarchal society, ruled by elderly female Nives. They have pale skin, slanted bluish-green eyes, and blonde, purple and red hair. Male Nives are more aggressive and "nerdier" than male humans which is why they commonly work as soldiers.
Shinja Nihon The Shinja are a race of genetically engineered humans with much larger than average eyes, unnatural hair color, and much smaller than average noses. They are able to breed with humans.
Any from the Thulcandran Federation Thulcandran Federation Many of the races from the Thulcandran Federation have been based on the races from Earth's own science fiction, past and present. It has even become popular for aliens who have created their own science fiction to emulate this form of genetic manipulation, although this is quite rare.


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