The desert planet Neia where the Gerissian Archive is located.

The Gerissian Archive, also known as the Gersa Vault, is a high-security archive located on the planet Neia located within the Gerixy's solar system in the Andromeda galaxy.

The Gerissian Archive was constructed to store precious data about the Gerixy's and other alien civilizations, also including alien homeworlds or friendly or hostile civilizations.

Opened in 3036, it is open to anyone willing to research about an alien civilization or the Gerixy's history.


The idea for the Gerissian Archive was first put forward by Ukial Lure in 3002 to help store more information and data on discovered alien civilizations since the Gersa Network was quickly filling up with information. After ten years, construction of the archive began in 3012 and finished in 3035 to be opened a year later in 3036 to anyone. The construction was pushed back several times due to terrorist attacks between 3013 and 3016.

In 9805, a debate arose in the Gerixy Senate wether to abandon the archive due to it being unused more often than being used. Eventually, it was declared abandoned in 9815, ten years later due to other debates interveneing with the archive debate. A high security system orbits the planet, protecting the archive from thieves or invasions. Since it was abandoned in 9815, it has sparked a new war among the Gerixy's due to several attacks on the archive from other alien civilizations. This has now led to the First Andromeda War, beginning in 9863 and ending in 9891, lasting a full 28 years of war and destruction.

It soon sparked another war among the Gerixy's but never reached the status of involving other alien civilizations. The second Andromeda war was not caused by invasions on the archive.

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