The Gesh-Ximban system (RSC 8474-7731-3-396-11) is a binary star system in the outskirts of the Viana Cluster.

Gesh and Ximban orbit each other every 26 hours and appear as a singular sun from most of their planets due to how close they are.



Gesh is the larger of the two stars and is a white main sequence star, slightly more massive than Sol.


The smaller red dwarf and the dimmer of the two. When passing in front of Gesh, it creates a bright orange glow when seen from Zyvoori.



A hot N-class world, orbited by three asteroid moons. Scorching winds speed across this planet at around 900mph. The Zyvoori currently have a small probe orbiting this planet, studying its weather system.


A dwarf planet orbited by two asteroid moons. Fidani lacks an atmosphere and because of this, large craters from frequent collisions cover most of the surface. The Zyvoori constructed a base on Fidani in 3047 CE and has remained there as their second off world colony with the first being on Zyvoori's moon. Fidani rotates every 163 days and takes 54 days to orbit the two suns.


An N-class planet with 17 moons. It can sometimes be seen from Zyvoori, appearing as a bright dot in the sky. Jandor is 45 earth masses in size and has an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium, common on gas giants and ice giants.


The temperate E-class homeworld of the Zyvoori species. Huge fungal forests cover its continents along with small cities strewn between. One S-class moon orbits around the planet.


A ringed desert world orbited by 1 asteroid moon. Multiple lenders have been sent to Kuteba by the Zyvoori who one day hope to colonise it. The planet has a pinkish hue when seen from space due to its atmosphere and can sometimes be seen from Zyvoori when in the right orbital position. Its rings were formed when large moon entered its Roche limit and shattered, forming the Kuteban ring system.


A large ice world, 3 earth masses in size. Three moons orbit around it, two being large enough have a spherical shape, the third being a mere asteroid. Vond appears a brownish green from space, due to its atmosphere. The surface of Vond is a barren, cold, icy wasteland with sub-zero temperatures. The Zyvoori have sent lenders to its surface before and similar to Kuteba, they see Vond as a potential colony world.

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