Ghunno (1)

The third planet orbiting Starbright B, (known to the locals as either Ugor or Wyynn) in the Starbright System, this warm O-Class world also hosts a unique set of life and is the K’weeeyyuu homeworld.

It has a diameter of 11149.8 km (6928.1 mi) and a short semimajor axis of 0.13 AU. It’s tidally locked around Starbright B with an orbit of only 25.3 days.

The gravity on Ghunno is low, only about 0.6 G but it has an atmospheric pressure of 0.2. The planet is very warm with a mean temperature of 83.2 °C (181.8 °F). It also has a total of three asteroid moons.

Like many tidally locked worlds with atmospheres, the planet hosts a massive storm near the eternal solar zenith, which has raged for thousands of years. Despite being tidally locked, the planet is entirely covered in water. It’s theorized that at one point there was land on the proto-Ghunno but after passing through a large cloud of ice the entire world was flooded.

All life lives below the waters, most relatively deep so as to keep cool. In fact most live on the night side and are either bioluminescent, use sonar, or both as the depths at which most life exists are rather dark.

Ghunno (2)

Surprisingly there are a small variety of birdlike animals on Ghunno. They live on some of the large bioluminescent floating plants that live on the night side of the planet. The Ghunno birds mostly use sound echoes to navigate in the air.

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