General Info

Giga is an ocean planet, home to the Gigans, a very complex and intelligent lifeform. It is the 4th planet in the Los System. The planet is 89% water, with many island chains and other landmasses. It is tidally locked, and so a massive storm system covers the day side, while the night side is very peaceful.


The weather on Giga is very rainy. The day side, under a constant tempest, has an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The night side can range from 5-10 degrees, while the line around the 'equator' has stable temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius. There is almost constant rain, even on both sides, though the night side has less cloud cover, and on good nights you can see some of the asteroid moons that orbit it.

Surface Features

The surface of Giga is 89% water, and there are many islands dotted around the place. The largest one is located almost directly below the Solar Point; the fixed point where Los is always shining down on. Giga's capital is located directly on that island, right on the Solar Point.


The life on Giga is complex. The most advanced race there are the Gigans, a highly advanced and peaceful race that look after the Los System, along with the surrounding systems. There are lots of other lifeforms, though. On the day side, there are many jungle-like biomes that cover the island, with palm trees that are cyan instead of green. The life there uses a different form of photosynthesis, a type exclusive to only a few planets in the universe, which produces cyan energy instead of the less efficient green energy that Earth plants produce. There are a range of sea animals that swim in the massive ocean. On the night side, it is mostly marshland. There is enternal night there, so the plants use bioluminescence to glow. Dark cyan grass grows on the marshlands, and many glowing light cyan flowers and mushrooms grow there as well. (It kinda resembles Waterfall from Undertale.) Many rivers flow through there, but they are filled with glowing minerals and bioluminescent sap from many crystals that also grow around the place, or from the glowing plants.

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