General Info

The Gigans are a peaceful race that control the Los System and the surrounding systems. They are very technologically advanced, but still haven't discovered faster-than-light travel or wormholes yet. They have a population of over 100 billion throughout their colonies, but Giga, their home planet, has the most with a population of 20 billion.


Gigans are surprisingly humanoid in appearance. Their skin color ranges like humans do, from the lightest color being a sky blue, to the darkest color being indigo. They have blue eyes, like the color of their skin, and all have purple-black hair that is usually long. They have two small tentacle-like things below their ear which let them sense other Gigan's feelings by touching the other Gigan's tentacles. Their clothing varies, but it is usally the same for both sexes. Long pants, strong boots, sweater-jackets, are their usual wardrobe. Many Gigan's enjoy hats, and some like to wear shorts or t-shirts when on the day side of Giga.


The Gigans are very peaceful and kind. They have never had a war, and a crime has never been committed. Sure, they can still get angered or grumpy sometimes, but they try to stay very optimistic. They are very kind towards each other and their environment, and so a house and food is free on Giga. Some independent colonies have their own laws though. They live mostly in Los Ytic, a massive city that is focused directly below the Solar Point on Giga. It is the capital of the entire planet. The city is so large that you could fit all of Earth's buildings into it. It houses 19 billion of the Gigans. The cities on the night side of Giga are a lot less populated, the most populated one having 940 million. Those who choose to live on outside of cities on Giga usually live in small but technologically advanced houses on the many islands that cover Giga's oceans. Their form of entertainment or sport is called Reccos, a game similar to soccer except it is in zero-gravity stadiums orbiting Giga.


Gigan architecture is very futuristic. They use a carbon-nanotube-titanium-tungsten superalloy to build most of things. Their cities are very tower like, with a large base which gets smaller as it goes up. They build like that because they like to 'reach for the skies'. Their spacecraft are usually very long, narrow, and tower-shaped like their buildings. They use xenon fuel to power their powerful ion engines. Their technology is much more powerful than ours. Here is what a Gigan house has:

Lightning: Xenon arch lamps

Heating: Plasma lamps inside the walls which keep houses warm on the night side

Air Conditioning: Liquid Nitrogen Piping through the walls to keep houses cool on the day side

Food Preparation: Microwaves that 'nuke' their food in under 10 seconds, and liquid nitrogen fridges that keep food cool.

Computers: Holographic screens which project into the air, and come with holographic keyboards that can be touched without 'touching' them.

Mobile Devices: Holo-phones that can be touched without 'touching' them.

Other Technologies:

Gigan's have also eradicated all of the known diseases on Giga, and the average lifespan of a Gigan is 280 years. They get their energy from an object similar to a Dyson Sphere, except it is a ring that orbits close to Los, which captures a crazy amount of solar energy but still allows light to pass to the planets.


Gigonian is their prime language. The Gigans communicate just like humans do, but they also have their sixth sense; the ability to sense each other's feelings with their tentacles. Their language is complex, and can be written or spoken. Here are some translations:

Hello: Olleh

Thank you: Uoy knaht

Goodbye: Eybdoog

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