Gioka (RSC 8409-1177-3-452-21 2 in beta patch 5) is a temperate E-Class planet orbiting two stars at a distance of 0.906 AU, perfectly placed within the habitable zones of the two suns.


Gioka as seen from space. In the background, you can see one of its larger moons.


Located a mere 16.052 light years away from the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*, it is a temperate E-Class planet with an average temperature of 11.9 celsius and a greenhouse effect of 23.3 celsius. Due to its proximity to Sagittarius A*, the planet recieves daily doses of radiation (also known as Hawking radiation). However, Gioka's magnetic field and its two suns heliospheres defends the solar system from most of the radiation, only a small amount will manage to break through the heliosphere.

Over the next few million years, the entire solar system will move closer and closer to the supermassive black hole until the solar system is either put on a highly elliptical galactic orbit or put on a escape trajectory out of the Milky Way, becoming a rogue solar system in intergalactic space.


Giokans are a mid-Type II civilization, exploring a radius of 15 light years from their homeworld. Giokans were first discovered by Humanity in January 9056. At this time, Humanity and Giokans had no interest to interfere with each others civilization. Eventually, the First Galactic War began on 5th May 9056.

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