Giokans are a mid-Type-II civilization that originate on the planet Gioka.

Physical Description

Giokans are small, humanoid-like creatures with an average height of 1.10 meters. They have three eyes found on their heads, two on the side of the head and one in between the two eyes. Unlike humans, they can hold their breathe underwater much longer, sometimes as long as an hour. Their noses only have one nostril. They can live between 160 and 180 Earth years.


Giokans first appeared on their homeworld about 860,000 years ago as sea creatures. Around this time, sea levels had risen dramatically due to a global warming event, pushing their evolution on to land. They were an extremely carnivorous creature, hunting animals for thousands of years, making many animals extinct.

In the last 7,000 years, they began agriculture (farming plants and animals) and the very first astronomers appeared. They have asked the question "Are we alone in the galaxy?" for several thousands of years and answered it in 2053 when they discovered microbial life in their solar system.

In 4506, they discovered the Nioleks and Ilaskans. During this time, Nioleks and Ilaskans were part of the Core Worlds Alliance. They soon signed a treaty to become part of the CWA.

However, Giokans soon began harnessing the power of black holes, especially the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*. They soon began conquering many planets within their range. Within years, they built the first battleships and began to invade the Nioleks and Ilaskans. The CWA had fallen. They discovered the human race in January 9056 but both civilizations did not work well. The First Galactic War had begun on 5th May 9056.

After fighting for 227 years, the war came to an end in 9283. The Giokans had faced extinction. Although many civilizations believe the Giokans are extinct, some believe that a small group of survivors embarked on a ten thousand year journey to the Andromeda galaxy. They would then re-colonize planets and rebuild their civilization.

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