The Giokans are a small, several-legged amphibian organisms, with an average height of 1.10 meters. They have several eyes found on their heads, placed often at the sides or front. The front of their head usually bears two large eyes, with the rest being on the side. This is a result of their predator-like status on Giokia, until they learned how to manipulate their environment. Even still, Giokans are noted to be very ravenous and primal at times, especially the First Galactic War.

Unlike humans, Giokans can hold their breath underwater for very long periods of time, sometimes as long as an hour. This likely comes from the aquatic features and climate on Giokia, and their prehistory as aquatic creatures.

Giokan noses do not poke out, and are instead small holes under their eyes. These holes process the various gases in Gioka's atmosphere, similar to any other non-aquatic species.

Giokan can also live between 1760 and 1780 Earth years. This is possible due to technological advances in Giokian aging and medicine. The primary reason for their lower average age when compared to other species is because of their ritualistic and hyper-religious tendencies. Their primal behaviors also influence this age lowering. However, most Giokans in other nations than their own typically live up to 3,000 years, which is the universal average.


Giokans first appeared on their homeworld about 1,060,000 years ago as sea creatures. Around this time, sea levels had risen dramatically due to a global warming event, pushing their evolution onto land. They were an extremely carnivorous creature, hunting animals for thousands of years, making many species of animal completely extinct. They have since been recovered with DNA manipulation technology.

In their first few millennia of being an agricultural civilization, many breakthroughs were made. Better ways to manipulate energy were found, cultures were being set up, and the Giokans began to spread across Giokia. As their major ages came and went, automation and scientific thinking was discovered, causing booms in population, akin to the Zythyn discovery of automation. However, there was large-scale corruption and terrible work camps, which worked to make more automated machines. These were weeded out by the various governments over a period of decades.

Eventually, once their first age of automation was over, rivaling nations decided to compete in the imports and exports of goods. Many rare elements were being discovered en masse, and new forms of energy were systematically being found and created. When nuclear power became relevant, most superpower-nations on Giokia decided to form their own trading alliance, which ended the trade rivalry. However, competition to reach out for the stars had only just begun.

After their initial trading agreement, the Giokan nation-states decided to look upward, as there appeared to be countless resources on their moons. Soon enough, missions to the edge of space were happening, and discoveries in the fields of primitive rocketry were being made. Then, it happened. The first Giokan was sent to space by a nation, and others followed. This also caused the once small rivalry to the stars to grow exponentially, as many places for the construction of technology and rocketry were being founded.

In the 3950s, the Giokan nations had been exhausted. While there was much more room for innovation and exploration, it appeared as if it would just be rivalized instead of being used properly. So, the long-lasting rivalry to the stars ended on a low-note. That was until one Giokan nation wanted more. While not being technically a superpower, they definitely had the funds to start their own campaign to the moons of Gioka.

Decades later, in the 4000s, Giokans began to settle on their moons, and also sent out exploratory missions to other worlds. Soon after, permanent colonies were established. After years of rivaling nations racing for superiority, they finally decided to unite under one flag, and others followed suit.

By this time, many Giokian scientists were experimenting in Sleeper Ships, which would house Giokans to other planets. Not only would this save on resources, but also pioneer an age of planetary colonization. This persisted for a few centuries, until they achieved FTL travel much later.

In 4506, after the invention of FTL travel, they soon discovered the Nioleks and Ilaskans in valuable star systems. During this time, Nioleks and Ilaskans were part of the Core Worlds Alliance. The Giokans soon signed a treaty to become part of the CWA.

However, in the 6000s, Giokans soon began harnessing the power of stars with Dyson Swarms, later becoming Dyson Spheres and eventually black holes with Penrose Spheres as they were being experimented upon. They soon began conquering many planets within their range, taking many worlds with a passion. Only a few decades after their first Dyson Spheres, they were constructing the first advanced battleships, and began to ruthlessly invade the Nioleks and Ilaskans, in order to state dominance and superiority. By this time, the CWA had fallen to their war-like hands.

After millennia of persistent dominance near the Orion Arm, the Giokans discovered Confederacy, the most powerful entity in the area. Following this event, the Giokan people were outraged, as they wanted to enstate their power everywhere. To them, the Confederacy was a giant block to true domination. As a result of their anger, they decided to build their military, and attempt to besiege the Confederacy of Humanity. What resulted was the First Galactic War, and it only lasted for a few decades until the Giokans surrendered. From this point on, the Giokans were in the shadows, up until the 14000s. This was when a Giokan member-nation of the Confederacy was founded, casuing the Giokan people to come together no in war, but in order.

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