Current inhabitants of Algwethmai.


Evolving over 10 million years ago on the largest continent on Algwethmai, the Githu are similar in size to humans, reaching to be over 1 to 1.5 meters tall. They can live to be 150 years of age.

An avian race, they have a pair of wings that can amazingly help them fly. They have avian clawed legs.

They have two eyes which sit more on the sides of their heads like terrestrial avian species. They have very developed eyesight, sometimes some can even see in the infrared.

They have short, sharp beaks and like the Ingla their ears are almost invisible. Their hearing is fairly good. Their skin is very thick and very strong. It's covered in small feathers and can, amazingly, change color and pattern, allowing them to blend into their background.

Their feather colors are normally light blue, light silver, dark purple and white.


Appearing five million years ago on the largest continent of their planet the ancestors of these avians quickly evolved and became the dominant species due to their chameleon like abilities. They are masters of hiding and sneak attacks. They can even lower their body temperature to keep from being spotted by those of them who can see infrared.

Thanks to their flying ability they spread across their world more quickly than the Hakoduil or Ingla. eight thousand years ago they built a powerful if low tech civilization across the largest continent. They soon had colonized every piece of land on their planet a couple thousand years later.

With the low amount of land the avians looked to the skies for more land. They developed antigrav and space elevator technology more quickly than their ancestor races and soon had reached their other worlds, terraforming them again and spreading out into the galaxy. They discovered the descendants of their sister races a few hundred years ago and formed the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.


Because of their chameleon abilities, they have trust issues with their leaders and governments rarely stay in power for more than one to two hundred years.

Despite their quick minds they can be secretive to strange races until trust is garnered. This was especially true with humans but currently trust is slowly growing.

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