Gitits is a cold world located within the reaches of the Sakian system. Gitits's proximity to Sakia made it into the first Xa'Thin colony to have sapient lifeforms other than Xa'Thins themselves. As a result of this, Xa'Thins have minded their business, and have a stagnant population, mostly located in the back of the planet. Locals of the planet have showed respect to Xa'Thins and a few have requested to join the military, or tour around their system. Most of these have been accepted by default.

Foreign Life

The sapient life (Now on called the Yera) found on Gitits was classified to be a medieval-like civilization upon the Xa'Thins first colonization of the planet. Now, the Yera have a stable Class 0.91 civilization comprised of one Nation State.

The population of the Yera on Gitits is totaled to be at 1 Billion. The low population is a result of the minimal amounts of land given to Gitits, and has been a large curse to the Yera.

Plans by the Yeran government to colonize their solar system have been growing in the past decades. In the coming years, it is estimated that The Yera should be start colonizing their system in 200058 CE. This estimate is thrown around quite a bit, because it is theorized that Xa'Thins on the world could give a helping hand.

Questions about the local life have been around since the Xa'Thins initial colonization. "Why now just give them our tech, or integrate them?" is a common question asked by many people. A simple answer to this is that most of the Xa'Thin population on Gitits does not want to interfere with The Yera's work. This is to let the natural order of life flow in its place, and to make sure that The Yera can be independent.

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