Gitoraks are natives to Kitoripaosia, they are a hive mind race, meaning their minds are linked into a single super organism. They are quite unique to other hive mind races for the fact that they have 2 brains (to not confuse readers we will address these 2 brains as `brain 1` and `brain 2`). brain 1 is the smallest brain, and is used fully as a connector to other Gitoraks, however brain 2 is 3x the size of brain 1, and half of it is used to control the body. however the uniqueness of the brains is not that there are 2, but the fact that the other half of brain 2 is used as a personal consciousnesses. so individual personalities, secrets, and different cultures do exist for Gitorak life. They are a type IV civilization.

Physical Appearance

Gitoraks are oddly shaped, the closest shape they can be identified by is that of a submarine, except they are fatter and shorter in length. They have 3 pairs of eyes situated in the front of they bodies, and have 6 pairs of tentacles situated at the belly of the body. The bone structure of their bodies is arranged into a very powerful and flexible structure, allowing them to dive all the way down to the ocean floor. which would be under extreme stress. Their mouths are located on the end of a large tentacle, with 8 smaller `branching` tentacles that are used to pick food up when eating. they also have 2 pairs of large tentacles just beside their 6 small tentacles, with 6 small tentacles and 2 large tentacles branching off from the parent tentacles, these tentacles allowed them to grip, and create tools. A unique thing Gitoraks can do is jump out of the water, there a hole located at the end of their bodies (used also to expel waste) will fire a extremely powerful blast of methane, and due to Kitoripaosia dense atmosphere, allows them to fly. this allowed gitoraks to colonize both the air and sea, as well as make them immune to extremely low and high pressures (from half of earths atmosphere pressure to 20000x that of the earths). Gitoraks also have a great system to control their body temperature, however they do have a limit. and can die at extreme temperatures higher than 100*C. The average Lifespan of a Gitorak was originally 100-278 years. however due to extreme developments in computing, immortality by transferring the conciseness became a pastime for a dying gitoraks.


3 million years ago, small groups of Hirioaaisa started to evolve, over the course of 1.5 million years, the Gitoraks were born. From there their population boomed, from just a couple of thousand years the population of the Gitoraks went from 100000 to nearly over 5 million. From here gitoraks branched into groups and spread off across the planet, and learned to develop wooden tools (as stone was buried hundreds of miles deep underneath the water). After 1 million years of developing tools, hunting, teaching their knowledge to children and then dying, some groups of gitoraks banded together and sparked the Uiterp asr Hitra (The empire of the sky), from here the groups launched themselves into the sky and found out about agriculture, and built villages in the sky forests above, while below, other groups of gitoraks banded together and too, discovered agriculture and started their empires, in no less than 1000 years, many empires had been developed, and were bustling. however after 3000 years of growing and developing technology, these `tribe` empires collided and sparked the first gitorak world war. over the course of thousands of eyars, empires had falled and risen as empires clashed. that was until the `Yuit Jitap Boriaka` (Transverse Of Winds) empire learned to tame Tivorks and use them for battle in the world war, they easily defeated the nearby empires, and spread out quickly. becoming the `Tiaps` (the connected) empire. however, after 10000 years, the Tiaps learned of a new, very important material, not known by any other civilization on the planet, metal. they learned of metal after a meteorite crashed into a sky village, and the greatest minds worked out where it came from, from Kitoripaosia rings. using tamed tivorks, the gitoraks began harvesting the rings, knocking asteroids towards Kitoripaosia and then harvesting on special `metal` cities designed for the carrying of metal into themselves and using that metal to develop tools and other important essentials. soon enough however, other civilizations learned of `metal` and began their own production of the, sparking the start of the short metal age. soon enough weapons were made from metal, and then new inventions, in fact. with the arrival of metal scientific discovery blossomed extremely quickly and after 30000 years of metal production the first car was created, however by this time, empires were not existent, only nations were there, however tention was rising, and many nations were worried of the large militaries others had, the tension was broken when presiden yuiap was murdered on the year 8*917 (21154 BCE in human time). and the second world war for the gitoraks started, however it was believed to be the first. In the end, 1000 nations were left after the war, the other 2000 were wiped out or joined up with larger nations, with more space, many nations started to expand and conquer the `land` (although its large spaces of water) and began to develop new improvements of technology. By the year 1*612 (17261 BCE in human time), the first rocket was developed and launched into space, very soon a large space race began, and hundreds of nations began production of spacecraft, in fact due to that extreme rate of production Alcubierre drive`s were discovered very quickly. However they could not figure out the energy problem, and so liquid rockets were still used to get the the 2 largest moons of Kitoripaosia. During this time the nation Eray was having a large economic boom, and buying out most nearby nations, by the time the first manned spacecraft to the nearest planets was underway, the nation Eray went from a small nation to a global superpower, and bought the last of the nations before any rebellions started from them. For the first time in hundreds of thousands of years, Kitoripaosia was in peace. Now under no tension, Eray began colonizing the moons of Kitoripaosia. after 50 years the first Alcubierre drive was developed, now created after the energy problem was solved, it was sent to arantia, a small moon in orbit of Opotrau. to the Gitoraks surprise, life was bustling on arantia. for 2 months the entire planet of Kitoripaosia went into rave crazy over the discovery of not only life, but advanced life on world thought to be impossible to sustain it! the space crave that had been thrown away by the public decades ago came back, and thousands and thousands of gitoraks were signing up for trips to arantia, after that a team of 50 gitoraks were sent for a 1 way trip to arantia to colonize it, as a scientific team to study life on arantia. after 300 years, more life was discovered in the system, and most worlds were began to be colonized, by now, the first terraforming plans had started, and the 2 largest moons of Kitoripaosia were already blue and green, although the gitorak population had started to boom to the tens of billions, the gitorak government was looking into a much larger expansion of space, of into other star systems, by 10 years the first spacecraft into the nearest star systems had began to colonize the largest and most habitable worlds they could find, by now the gitoraks had become a type II civilization, and space fleets were buzzing across the star system of Kitoripaosia, a extremely large expansion of space began after the first spacecraft reached the nearby star systems, and hundreds of more fleets were beginning to enter their new permanent homes in the stars. However, the first problem then arrived, intelligent life, the gitoraks bumped into the first advanced civilization after entering the system of Juais, where the planet Yuai had the civilization Fiat already colonizing their solar system, the giroaks, not wanting to interfere. they left and created the Galactic Civilization Treaty. Where you cannot interfere another species progress unless it has developed interstellar travel. Due to the discovery of intelligent life, the Gitorak`s went crazy over the idea of others like them, and began searching through the cosmos to find another civilization like theirs. this was met very quickly however. after 2 years of searching nearby systems they found the B`uratiau. However due to their differences they both created a universal translator (instead of a universal language) and then communication began between the 2 species. After 10 years the 2 species were partners and joined up into the Gityura Empire. After a few thousand years of exploration, terraforming, expansion ect. the gitoraks met over 20000 intelligent species, and their lifeform index measured over 18 trillion species. The gitoraks thought they were one of the most powerful species in the galaxy , but that was until they met the Vian, at first scientists could not piece together where they came from, as their civilization was situated on a small, lifeless rock. after observing them they discovered that the vian were using wormholes to enter the galaxy. the gitoraks, scared they were hostile. left them in peace.

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