Glanadi "Icy roof" is a cold ice planet orbiting around a red dwarf called Glajidon. The star system containing Glanadi is located in the Spawnight Galaxy. It's under the monitoring of CBRPD, which is under directive to find any planet supplying multicellular life.


Glanadi is both smaller and lighter than Earth, also having very little gravitational pull. It has no moon, nor water, yet it's underglacial biomes manage to ensure development of lifeforms. It's small axial tilt ensures no seasons, yet it doesn't have sufficient surface biomes to benefit from anything like that.

Glanadi atmosphere has 91.9% of CO2; 7.76 % or Ar and 0.295 % of H2S. The trace gases are, from the most common to the least common: Kr, C3H8 and Xe.


Glanadi is not inhabited by any civilization and due to it's life potential is essentially a wildlife preserve for seclusive subglacial lifeforms. Specifically designed drones periodically visit the planet to learn how to mimic local life and follow it on it's daily happenings.


Glanadi's lifeforms are not as sluggish as one may conclude. They can be very fast and can skillfully dash and maneuver through the differently sized tunnels and rooms. Meanwhile the immobile organisms don't linger behind - the seeds may have forms that allow them to be discarded quite far and some plants will even trap some of the animals that fly into them. Due to the very low gravitational pull, lots of creatures will rather "swim" through the tunnels, however some still manage to scuttle as if they were walking due to having a kind of an exoskeleton to them.

Near-extinct kingdoms


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