Gliese 667C f is an exoplanet orbiting the star Gliese 667C which is a part of the Gliese 667 trinary system in the Scorpius constellation.


It is a large hot oceania with a mass of 6.6671 M and an atmospheric pressure of 80.6 atm.

The surface consists of a world spanning ocean with a faint, low hanging fog above the water due to the extreme humidity. The planet also has an enormous hurricane on the daytime side due to being tidally locked. It has no moons.


In 2118, the Dauntless probe was launched towards the Gliese 667C system after the presence of liquid water had been detected on Gliese 667C f by the James Webb space telescope. A floatation probe was deployed by the Dauntless and splashed down on the water, taking pictures of the misty seascape. Sadly, no life was detected and Gliese 667C f was concluded to be lifeless.



First proper photo of Gliese 667C f, taken by the Dauntless probe.

Gliese 667C f ocean

Photo taken by a splash down probe.

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