The Gorvat-Orcian War, also known as the Empire-Spherium War, was a major conflict that broke out between the Gorvat Empire and the Amatrian Galactic Spherium. It was the first war fought against the Gorvat Empire in the last 100,000 years, and the first of two wars that both species will engage in.

It was first declared by the Orcians after Gorvat fleets were amassing on the outskirts of Amatria. Although the fleets remained in their positions for weeks, the numerous starfighters arriving every day was concerning and posed a severe risk to the Spherium.

When the years of fighting came to an end in 16 years, it still resulted in a territorial dispute over the Messier 82 galaxy that lasted for only six years. As a result of a major terrorist attack claimed by the Gorvat Empire, the two governments declared war again in 25031 CE which became known as the Second Gorvat-Orcian War, an eleven year war that set the stage for another intergalactic war.

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