The Gorvat Conquests were a series of invasions and annexations by the Gorvat Empire about 10 million years ago, which continued to last for another million years. As result of this conquest, over a million galaxies are now under control from the Empire.


With the invention of intergalactic travel, the Gorvat Empire decided to expand its sphere of influence far beyond their galaxy M81. Within the first thousand years, the majority of the Local Group had been visited by the Empire, some parts of the group had been annexed from other civilisations - most of them have become extinct by now.

The conquest itself took over a million years to complete. Within the time span of the Conquests, over a million galaxies were invaded or annexed and became part of the Gorvat Empire. Territorial expansion soon came to a halt, and the galaxies within range of the Empire had attempted to rebel against them, but failed. It was by now the Empire had one of the largest armies in the observable Universe.

The colonies within the Messier 82 galaxy would eventually cause a territorial dispute between the Empire and the Amatrian Galactic Spherium almost ten million years later. The dispute would be the cause of a deadly intergalactic war between the two superpowers.

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