The Gorvats are a humanoid-reptilian species that have been evolving for over 10 million years.

Physical Description

Tall, strong creatures with an average height of 1.73 meters, the Gorvats are separated into two genders: male and female. Their arms and legs are usually long and muscular which allows them to lift extremely heavy objects. Their strength is made up in a popular sport that typically involves two teams of four fighting for dominance over the other team. Their eyes see a majority of visible light with some infrared blended in. 

On average, they will live for almost 100 years and produce up to four offspring in their entire lifetime.


Gorvats, in some ways, are similar to humans in their behaviour. Males usually compete for dominance over females, which has been exploited in a sport that remains controversial to this day.

Since their encounters with many other alien species, individual Gorvats have formed personal relations with other species. These relations have to led a rise in interspecies marriage and hybrid creatures for millions of years. The most popular alien species Gorvats seem to have relationships with is an octopus-like creature from their home planet; the second most popular being humans.

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