The Gratuas are an amphibious species and inhabitants of Kolatio.

Physical Description

They are an amphibious species that possess 4 limbs, two arms and two legs. The Gratuas are usually 1.1 meters in height, have 2 eyes and communicate through a mouth similar to humans. Most of their cities lie in the ocean. However, some small abandoned cities can be seen on the surface to this day. They hunt in order to survive, their main prey are small fish-like creatures known as Zroki. Their lifespan varies between 30 and 70 years.


The Gratuas denied the existence of space for a long period of time. 250 years ago, a revolution forced the government to look up to the stars. Surprisingly enough, they don't have any form of organized religion. However, there are some buildings on the surface of the planet that resemble temples, implying that they once believed in some form of god. They are rather peaceful and their system lies isolated enough so no invaders have interest in them. Both genders have the right to perform every work they want, from hunting to science.

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