Gravity Wave Wormhole Disruption (GWWD) is the phenomenon of strong gravitational waves destabilizing a wormhole.



In 5185, the CoB constructed a wormhole three light years away from a binary neutron star system to learn more about gravitational waves.

Seconds after the wormhole was constructed, it began to destabilize. The scientists building it took into account the predicted sensitivity that wormholes had to gravitational waves, but they did not expect it to be this extreme.

The Wormhole folded itself into and out of higher dimensions rapidly making it very difficult to navigate safely. A probe sent through the wormhole ended up being stuck in 8-dimensional space with no way of returning. It remains in that 8-dimensional point to this day.

The wormhole was since closed permanently until the Neutron stars collided in 199943.


This effect was weaponized heavily by The Supreme during The War for All to disrupt Seekite wormholes. The Supreme used Gravitational-Wave Generators to achieve this.

Objects stuck in n-dimensional space

There have been thousands of objects accidentally lost to space in higher or lower dimensions.

2-dimensional Space

One object was sent to 2-dimensional space. This object was a small probe the size of a baseball. This probe is still visible in our universe and has become a tourist attraction in recent years.

4-dimensional space

12 objects are stuck in four-dimensional space. These objects are not visible nor are they able to interact with our universe as they have moved in four-dimensional space out of our plane of existence.

5-Dimensional Space

304 construction drones were lost to five-dimensional space when they were sent through a wormhole in 34490.

6-Dimensional Space

Only fragments of starships smaller than a centimeter each exist in this spatial dimension.

7-Dimensional Space

No objects have been recorded in 7-dimensional space.

8-Dimensional Space

The eighth dimension has the obscure property of being the most similar to our own dimension. Therefore, the vast majority of objects end up stranded in this dimension including a human being. Contact was lost with all of them. This includes thousands of Seekite ships sent there by The Supreme.

24-Dimensional Space

24-dimensional space also has similar qualities to our own space and therefore many objects also get stranded here, although this is far rarer than 8-dimensional space.

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