The Grekatol Civil War was a conflict that erupted between human rebels, the Independent Systems of Humanity and eventually, although for the last two years, the Glitter Territories. It is situated within the Grekatol Nebula inside the Triangulum galaxy.

It was a conflict fought by two factions, one led by the Independent Systems and the other led by a rebellion fighting to break away from the Independent Systems. The rebellion was initiated three years before the civil war broke out, due to a referendum that was supposed to allow the nebula to break away and form a new government, but was blocked by the members of the Independent Systems' Supreme Court.

Towards the end of the civil war, the Glitter Territories intervened within the last two years, fighting alongside the Independent Systems. With their support, the civil war ended with a ceasefire treaty and the nebula returned to a state of freedom and peace.



Before the civil war, the nebula was under control from the Independent Systems of Humanity. A senator from one of the inhabited worlds called for a referendum in the Supreme Court for the Grekatol Nebula to break away and form their own government. While the Supreme Court had not supported this idea, the worlds and their inhabitants did support it. After years of senators pleading to the court, the population of the nebula began to strongly disagree with the Independent Systems. Three years before the civil war, a small rebellion was formed in hopes of forcing the Independent Systems to allow them to break away. The government refused; angering the rebellion.

The small rebellion then committed a terrorist act on one of the major colony worlds, sending shock and horror throughout the government's territory. 

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