The Grekatol Nebula is a large gas cloud within Triangulum which is a popular tourist region among the Independent Systems of Humanity. Despite its popularity among tourism, the Grekatol Civil War was sparked after a wave of terrorist acts were committed within the region.



Also known as NGC 604, it was discovered by human astronomer William Herschel on 11th September 1784. The largest nebula within the Triangulum galaxy, it was once home to an ancient empire that died out millions of years ago, leaving only one Dyson Sphere inside the nebula.

After the formation of the Independent Systems of Humanity, many scientists were sent to the nebula to study it in great detail. The data retrieved showed many star systems and planets that could be inhabited or colonised. Entire fleets were sent to the nebula once again and discovered thousands to millions of new species.

The human colonies of the nebula were at risk of economic collapse due to a rise in terrorism. Due to this, a civil war erupted and engulfed the entire nebula in political and economic turmoil for over a decade. Tourist numbers fell and the region became more war-torn than ever before. Once the civil war ended due to a ceasefire treaty, it began to recover with support from the Glitter Territories and the Independent Systems of Humanity.

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