Grenusheans is a extinct sentient species native now sterile to Inuis,seventh moon of Salvia in Mirabilis System,Sombrero galaxy.

Grenushean extinction

Grenushean had Yasgnorns as their bitter rivals for colonization of outer Mirabilis system. A nuclear war between the two species have escalated soon 10 million years ago. Inuis had a thicker atmosphere (0.0003 atm) composed of 78 %N2 and 22 % O2 when is was life bearing. The nuclear fallout had given it a runaway greenhouse transforming the icy world into an hot oceania, effectively killing all life on Inuis. Because life become extinct, the atmospheric oxygen have become bounded to rocks,leaving only traces in atmosphere.

Grenushean biology

Grenushean were small organic vermiform organisms.They could manipulate objects with two retractable tentacles form their mouths. They have two pair of antennae use to sense sound. They talked using a saxophone-like organ on their bellies.

Grenushean society

Grenushean society was strangely similar to the human one, putting great value on individuality, freedom and equality. Inuis had seen many grenushean nations on its surface. After centuries of inflighting, the grenushean politicians Minhazaar,Tzaygitar and Slilaah have come with the idea of a loose confederation of all nations. Because this came after first contact with Yasgnorns, most of Grenushean nations have accepted this confederation.

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