The Grinfulo Galaxy is the most developed colony of The Supreme. It is an E0 type galaxy about 32

million light years from the Milky Way.


The galaxy never has self-aware life form in it. The reason for this is unknown because normally a galaxy of its size would have at least three self-aware species.

In 94000 CE, trillions of Vlanoans, from the Tloinin Galaxy, set up their own colonies. These Vlanoans founded the Kal Federation.

After the Tloinin War the Kal Federation was slowly absorbed by The Supreme, and to this day is a puppet state of The Supreme. The Vlanoans in the galaxy had no choice but to accept The Supreme as a leader because they were not powerful enough to do anything about the occupation.


The Supreme built hundreds of wormholes, SSPGDs, and Dyson Swarms after occupying the Kal Federation. This galaxy has very advanced infrastructure, so much so, that most of the Supreme's production facilities are located in this galaxy.

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