The Grofix were a highly-advanced race located in the mid multiverse. Their remnants and structures suggested that they could've been anywhere from a type VII to a type Omega civilization.

It is said that the Grofix have created or influenced our universe, and many others. It is speculated that at the height of their power, they had the ability to create and destroy universes. This is not proven, though.

It is almost entirely unknown on how the Grofix went extinct, but it is theorized that a strong chaotical force battled with the Grofix. This probably caused them both to go extinct.


Based on aging of structures and ship remnants, The Grofix were probably one of the first civilizations to ever emerge in the local multiverse. It is said that when they were in their universe, things happened to be very chaotic and disorderly. When they became advanced enough, it is proven that The Grofix instituted large migrations to head for more stable universes.


The Grofix were around 2 meters tall, and weighing about 100 kg. They were slightly stronger and more physical durable as Humans based on bone and muscle samples. They also happened to be slightly more intelligent, which is most likely how that became so powerful early on.


Their technology of The Grofix was largely based on time. They were considered masters over all of associated fields. For example, a Grofix Ship could remove and time lock everything. This is presumably to let the Grofix halt the Chaos.

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