The Grofix are a precursor race that begun before the dawn of our universe. They rank Type Omega in the Kardashev scale, making them the most powerful civilization discovered. Most Grofix are described as blue-shaped humanoids, with a remarkable amount of intelligence and strength in their bodies.

They created the multiversal space-time continuum and have the ability to delete and create entire timelines, universes, and stretches of cosmic space at will. At the height of their power, they could destroy the entire multiverse. Although highly advanced, most Grofix have an average intelligence by their standards, with a small fraction of them being hyper-intelligent.

The Grofix threw a special eye on the Space Engine Universe because they see that life develops too fast in it.

The Grofix are highly advanced and can be considered as multiversal gods. However, there are a few more powerful beings known as the Transcendentals, who are vastly more powerful than the Grofix.


The Grofix were one of the first beings to evolve in this multiverse, perhaps in a sort of proto-universe. At this time the multiverse was young and chaotic. Anything could happen, all at once. When they became advanced enough, they applied their own laws to tame the proto-universe. (this is known as the laws of physics today) This was a very important step, as order had finally been maintained throughout the cosmos. Yet, a small fraction of Chaos survived. They are at war with the Grofix, trying to establish disorder throughout the Multiverse.


The Grofix are around 2 meters tall, weighing about 100 kg. They are slightly stronger and more physical durable as Humans, are much, much older, and are by far more intelligent than Humans and most other non-transcendent race.


Their technology of is largely based on time. They are masters over all of associated fields. For example, a Grofix Ship could remove and time lock everything. This is presumably to let the Grofix halt the Chaos.

They build 11 dimensional objects and engineer new dimensions and universes.

An example of one of the Grofix's technological wonders is The Ultima Ratio. Ultima Ratio is the Grofix's last hope if Chaos takes hold in the Multiverse again. They will activate it, ending nearly everything.

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