Hach’iya (1)

The homeworld of the Un’rin. Discovered in 9998 by humanity in the Drake Galaxy.


A cold D-Class moon, this world RS 0-6-229376-1349-912-8-10208722-96 in 9.7.4 beta patch 5) is one of the rare examples of a desert world with sentient life evolving on it. With a diameter of 4313.1 km this world has a gravity of only 0.2 G. It orbits its parent world once every 21.1 days which coincides with its natural day, as the planet is tidally locked. Its semimajor axis is 222759.9 km. The moon is 5.5 billion years old.


With an atmosphere of 0.6 atm the moon has a thicker atmosphere than its parent world, leading to more weather patterns. Its mean temperature is -78.9 °C.

Hach’iya (2)

Map of Hach’iya

Like its parent world it has an axial tilt of 90°40’ meaning its seasons and days are not as normal as those on worlds like Earth.

The increased atmosphere also means more dust storms and normal storms than its parent world.


The life on this world more closely resembles the standard of life on worlds found all over the universe, carbon based. There was evidence of an ancient sea where the first land animals first evolved but that sea has since sublimed. There are many ancient fossils that resemble old fish bones.

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