Hainrola (RS 0-8-2097151-705-24-7-221508-105 A4 in is a warm Class-E located in the Aed'Ve system.

It is the homeworld to the Nuq'Ak Civilizations of Ngy'Pru, Rva'Va and Uktaosh. However, most of Hainrola is under control of the first of the three.


Its parent star Aedel is a K0-V Orange Dwarf star. With its mass and diameter, this planet has a gravitational acceleration of about 1.6 g, with some differences according to latitude. The age of the planet is estimated at 5.545 billion years.

While its average temperature would not normally allow water-based life, its high atmospheric pressures of 7.93 atm (1 tek'in) i.e. boiling point of about 170.5 oC allows water to exist as a liquid and hence water-based life.

Due to its axial tilt, it has some extreme climates and seasonal differences. It has a single moon known as Yublean (which holds its own atmosphere).


Even with the high atmospheric pressure and temperature, life on Hainrola fluorished easily and the first sentient beings (i.e. the Nuq'Ak) formed civilizations about 25,000 years ago.

Species differentiation in Hainrola is similar to that of Earth's, with a good analog for the Animalia and Plantae kingdoms. However, species of Fungi are noticeably absent from the food chain, replaced instead with a form of globular colonies of methane-based bacteria.


Hainrola hemispheres

Two hemispheres of Hainrola, centered at 6o latitude.

Agricultural societies of the Nuq'Aks began to sprout in various locations around the planet at circa 12,000 BCE. Technological developments pursued as normal and nations began to form from the societies.

After millenia of war and peace, three major nations remained: Ngy'Pru, Rva'Va and Uktaosh. By then, the Nuq'Aks was capable of interplanetary travel, but planetary exploration was limited to unmanned probes. On 8,200 CE, the Rva'va, losing territory from the campaigns of the Ngy'Pru, initiated a space colonization program and established a base on Hainrola's sole moon Yublean.

The other two nations quickly caught up and soon the struggle expanded into the whole system. Finally, with the discovery of the warp drive in 8,921 CE the three nations made peace, conceding most of Hainrola to the Ngy'Pru, most of Yublean to the Rva'va, and many major bodies in the system was distributed (not-so-evenly) for the three states. By 10,000 CE the wars had essentially died out and the three nations had significant cooperation with one another in colonizing nearby systems.

Hainrola mollweide

Note the token territories of the two states in comparison to the Ngy'Pru

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