First inhabitants of Algwethmai which they called Naurotul and current inhabitants of Maurotal.


Evolving over 6.8 billion years ago, the Hakoduil are shorter than humans, standing at around half a meter tall and can live to 120 or so years.

A reptilian race, the Hakoduil have two arms and two legs like a human. They have four eyes which sit gracefully in their sockets. Their eyesight is average. They have small mouths and noses. Their ears are long and hanging and their hearing is great at distances.  Their skin is very thick and rough and is covered in large, strong scales. Their scale colors are mostly light blue, dark grey and bronze, which tend to become faded as they age.


They first appeared on the second largest continent of Algwethmai among the caves of the region. The prehistoric Hakoduil were not the strongest species and they had little endurance so they had to quickly learn to outsmart their prey and those who hunted them.

This trait was what led to their quick spread across the continent. Within a few hundred million years they had developed agriculture and had built cities and towns. Their cleverness and intelligence led them to quickly look to the stars. As their planet had no moon their interest lay in their unique galaxy, as they had found no other galaxy like their own during their search of the heavens.

Their first manned mission was to their sister world, a cool D-Class world, led to more missions out into their local neighborhood. They settled and terraformed nearby worlds over their millions of years of history. They had expanded many thousands of light years out from their parent star. At their height they controlled over 27,000 cubic light years of their local space.

However, 6 billion years ago the Hakoduil interstellar empire began to suddenly deteriorate. For reasons unknown the colonized worlds all fell to some unknown calamity. As it approached Algwethmai the Hakoduil hastily built several colony vessels and fled the system, fearing the worst. They headed to a globular cluster several thousand light years away. They placed themselves in suspended animation for the trip.

On the way there their FTL drives mysteriously failed. Without the proper equipment to fix them, the ship’s AI’s accelerated the arks to a mere one percent light speed before the engines also failed. The trip to the cluster took over 4 billion years. .

Thankfully the ancient computers were still functioning and had detected a world suitable for colonization. The ships STL engines were repaired and within ten years they were in orbit of their new homeworld. However a malfunction left the crew in stasis until around 150000 years ago. When they finally woke up and discovered what had happened, the Hakoduil found that the problem with the FTL had occurred simultaneously and in the same system. They settled on the world which they named Maurotal and rebuilt their civilization from scratch. Having great racial memory they remembered their former greatness and when they had rebuilt on their new world they reached back out into the stars. A few hundred years ago they made first contact with the other inhabitants of Algwethmai and joined the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres.


Their current culture as well as their past culture was always one of intellect and outsmarting their prey and the animals who hunted them. As they became more dominant they used their intellect for more scientific and philosophical purposes.

Their planet is one that is ruled by a council of those who are deemed the most intelligent and wise. They hold elections every six local years where the candidates are given a series of intellectual challenges of every category. The challenges are broadcast all over the world and even through the Imperium. Those who get the most correct are elected into office.

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