The Halfred System or simply Halfred (RS 8414-1792-7-1190371-14) is a small system which is best known for hosting the headquarters of the Halfred Corporation. Halfred was surveyed and subsequently colonised in 4029 after prospector Iuri Halfred found a mineral-rich asteroid belt within the system.

Halfred itself is a typical white main sequence star gauged at 6906K. Its diameter is about 2.3 Solar diameters and its mass is about 1.8 times that of Sol. It is 1050 LY away from the Sol system.


The Halfred System contains two planets, one of which is habitable E-Class world due to extensive terraforming. The other is an unremarkable N-Class hot jupiter.

  • Atenia (N-Class)
    1. Connas
    2. Thie
    3. Surasi
    4. Cape
  • Bisydu: 120 Million (E-class)
    1. Nephyr
    2. Atyo
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