The Halfred Corporation is a multi-system corporation focusing in mining and agriculture. It consistently made the list for the top 6000 human corporations between the 43rd and the 100th century, although more recently it dropped out from the list. During its peak on 8453, it reached #308 among many other megacorporations. It is best-known for its control over the Halfred system.

It was formed on the year 4032 by the investor and former prospector Iuri Halfred, and his descendants remain the majority shareholder in the company.


Then a young but experienced miner, Iuri Halfred prospected a G9.6 V star system (which he named after himself) in the late 4020s. He mined some resources from the asteroid and, unlike many prospectors, decided to stay in the system. After he purchased some more mining vessels, he founded the corporation on 4032.


A Halfred mining station on one of the system's many moons. This particular plant extracts Iron, Silicon, and Helium-3.

Initially, the corporation focused on mining metallic ores and processing them into base metals before selling them in commodity markets in Confederacy planets, similar to other miners. As it grew, however, it began to produce alloys on its own to sell them for a higher profit. Due to the industrial boom in the Third Age, the company continued to grow. By the time its founder passed away, the company had managed to purchase an exclusive exploitation permit for the system.

In the 47th century, the corporation expanded to normal industry, constructing metalworks on the system's moons and exporting various products such as machinery and computer chips manufactured from their ores. This integrated supply line allowed the company to achieve lowered prices compared to competitors. It continued to diversify, and finally in the 52nd century it entered into the agricultural business, cultivating wheat and various crops on the fertile E-Class planet of Bisydu.

Until the Galactic Wars began, the corporation conducted some businesses outside its main area e.g. stock markets, Sol property trade, etc. It also exploited other systems, but it never acquired another exclusive permit and most of its primary income still comes from Halfred.

When the First Galactic War erupted, the corporation spent a lot of capital in order to deter any invaders from entering the system. While the system remained safe, many assets of the company outside were destroyed.


Significant amount of the corporation's product comes from asteroid harvesting, like this one

In the Second Galactic War, a Molkor fleet was dispatched to capture the production installations on the Halfred, and to gain its position as a possible launch pad to pressure the Confederacy of Humanity's near-sol control sphere further. Although the main confederate fleet caught wind of the invasion and deployed some forces to fortify the system, the Molkor scored a decisive victory. The corporation evacuated its staff and the majority of its installations (storing them deeper in safer space) just before the alien forces secured the system. Halfred was not returned to the humans (and hence, the corporation) until the Molkor's defeat at Hathia.

During the war the corporation's revenue declined significantly and dropped off of the list of the top 6000 megacorporations. It is currently recovering and is projected to return to the list within several years.


In the fiscal year 9998, the company reported 132.8 billion C-Units in revenue and 2.35 billion in profit. On 9027, the company set its current revenue and profit record at 550 billion CU and 24.5 billion CU.

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