Harvens is a system located in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is a normal G4V yellow dwarf star with two separate asteroid belts. It is currently subject to a territorial dispute between the Confederacy of Humanity based on Earth and the Ysau Empire of Ysi.


The system is a normal, single-star system with 2 J-class planets and 2 N-class planets, along with many other rocky planets orbiting the central star. There are two earth-like planets suitable for both Humans and Ysau living, with one of them already inhabited by native plants and simple animals.


The system was first charted by human explorers utilizing the Wormhole in order to gain access to the Large Magellanic Cloud. After establishing several colonies near their entry point, some pioneers went further inwards of the galaxy and explored the systems. Harvens was located in a somewhat isolated segment of the galaxy where humans first arrived, and was discovered on 9993. Due to the high value of the two E-class planets, some colonists signed up and began settling on the larger planet which was then named Ithalcus, with an outpost built on its twin planet Sthenor. The first colony-ship arrived on January 9994, carrying with it 5,000 colonists. However, before further growth, pioneer-ships of the Ysau entered the system and discovered the system separately a mere week after the human arrival. Both parties were not expecting the system to be inhabited and did not notice each other until the Ysau also began sending colonists. When the total population of the system reached 30,000 (~10,000 humans and 20,000 Ysau), some of the human vessels grew aware of the Ysau presence on the very planet they were sending colonists to.

The Confederacy of Humanity submitted a diplomatic complaint, claiming that the humans had discovered the system prior to the Ysau and hence holds sovereignty. The other party rejected the complaint as ludicrous, and continued sending in colonists as more human colonists also arrived. Another argument was raised that the Ysau were native to the galaxy, and hence should be prioritized over the humans coming from Milky Way.

While the inhabitants found little trouble with each other (Ithalcus had nearly three times the surface area of Earth with a population of merely 1.4 million, with some settlers beginning to inhabit mining stations just outside the orbit of Ithalcus or terraforming points onn Sthenor), their governments' friction escalated to a major diplomatic issue. The two civilizations were not familiar with each other before aside from mere formalities in The Intergalactic Confederacy. However, this has not escalated into an armed conflict, partially due to human reluctance of starting another war so soon after the Second Galactic War and Ysau reluctance to fight the numerically and technologically superior humans. Hence, the locations were controlled in a de facto manner - with about 200,000 personnel from both sides stationed in tiny outposts throughout the system to lay claim over individual planets, moons, and even asteroids. Both parties had agreed to continue negotiations within The Intergalactic Confederacy, and a meeting is scheduled for April 8, 10,000 on Xcathlia. This meeting is expected to form the basic agreement and territorial groundwork between the two civilizations.

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