The first inhabitants of Otehirs.


The Hastir resembled something akin to a snake with a humanoid upper half. The lower half was completely snakelike with something akin to scales covering it. The upper half was also covered in scales. They had four arm-like appendages coming out of either side of their torso, if one can call it that. Their heads were triangular like their terrestrial cousins.

Hastir could live to up to 320 years. They can survive on land and in water and can tolerate a wide variety of temperatures.


The Hastir first appeared 1 million years ago on their planet near the deepest inland sea near the equator. They stayed there for many thousands of years, growing in intelligence and numbers. There they created a nearly mythical lost civilization akin to the Atlantis legend on Earth. The borders of this first civilization encompassed the entire shore of this sea.

According to Tadian legends, this civilization fell due to massive quakes and smoke rising from the ground which is interesting because this is apparently backed up by geological records that describe a massive volcanic explosion that occurred around that same time.

After this the Hastir were separated and spread across their forested world, forming small tribes of hunter gatherers. They fought with the predatory wildlife and each other for many hundreds of thousands of years until a few of the stronger tribes gathered together and formed a small town near one of the southern lakes. They began to experiment with agriculture and after a few years began to get it right. The first civilization in many years grew more and more. They grew technologically for many years until over 350000 years ago they took their first steps, so to speak, on their nearest moon. Within over a hundred years they had small bases on both moons and mining operations on the asteroid moons.

They continued growing in knowledge and technology. Eventually they had advanced enough that they had explored and colonized one fourth of their native galaxy. They then discovered how to engineer other forms of life. They attempted to create a second slave race they could use to build their own colonies, technology etc. These became known as the Tadian. Thus an age of stagnation fell upon the Hastir.

This lasted for 100000 years until the Tadian, who had been secretly artificially boosting their intelligence and lowering their subservience gene launched a campaign of extermination of their masters. With every war, the Tadian and Hastir on their respective worlds wiped each other out, leaving dead world after dead world. Finally the homeworld of Otehirs was all that remained. The Tadian launched an all-out assault of the cities. The Hastir fought back as best they could but with millennia of stagnation the Hastir on the homeworld had forgotten how to fight. They were wiped out within a local year or two.

Nothing has been heard of the Hastir since that day although it is quite possible that some survived the rebellions and now live in hiding.


Hastir culture was based off of innovation and exploration for many millennia. They held true to these ideals for hundreds of thousands of years until the stagnation age began. Their culture began to become more corrupt afterwards, mostly a life of gluttony. Ultimately this is what lead to their downfall. 

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