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Hathia is a temperate E-Class planet located in the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy. It is the capital of The Diunity of Fornax as well as the home world of a race called the Molkor.


The fourth planet from the twin stars it orbits, Hathia (RS 8415-7-7-2145-20 in 9.7.3) has a diameter of 12389.9 km and a gravity of 1.1 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.8 AU, giving it a year length of 220.3 days. The planet’s local day is 17 hours and 45 minutes. The planet is twice the age of the Sol System at 9.97 billion years old. It has nine moons, one of which is a warm S-Class world named Motu.


With an axial tilt of only 2°3’, there are practically no seasons on Hathia. The planet does have more storms thanks to the increased solar input and the larger oceans. The planet’s mean average temperature is 19.2 °C and it’s atmospheric pressure at sea level is 0.4 ATM.

The planet has large polar ice caps and has many small island continents. The continents show signs of heavy early bombardment and a few island chains are remnants of asteroid strikes.


Despite being much older than Earth’s own system, the life that evolved on Hathia over the last 7 billion years or so is just as complex than its terrestrial counterparts thanks to more mass extinction events over its violent history. The Molkor first appeared on Hathia over 350,000 years ago on one of the larger northern continents.

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Hathia from Motu

They quickly began to spread over their world. They were a violent carnivorous species, hunting many species to extinction for food and for sport. Thankfully they began to realize this and held back every few years to let the local populations of animals repopulate, but then went right back to hunting once there were enough.

Over 5,000 years ago they began to head off their world. Their first mission was to their moon of Motu. Their next mission was to their sister world of Dasezt, known to the Molkor at the time as Saen. There they discovered the peaceful Snadx, Seeing that the universe was full of life, they debated whether or not to hunt these species, but it was deemed a fruitless endeavor as they weren’t appetizing.

As the Molkor spread over their local area of space, their planet began to become more industrialized and larger more magnificent cities were built. Hathia soon became the capital planet of the fledging Diunity of Fornax, at the time called the Molkor'ghoro (translated as Empire of Molkor).

The planet was never even touched during the Fornax War. The Diunity surrendered long before the Confederacy even got to the planet.


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Map of Hathia

Up until the end of the Second Galactic War, the culture on Hathia was based on the conquering of all. The Molkor forced their environment to serve them instead of living in harmony with nature. The Hathian culture was made up of natural hunters as the Molkor were at the top of the food chain.

After the war, however, the rebel leaders who helped the Confederacy take down the current Hathian government, the culture has undergone a vast change. The current population of over 4 billion has begun to dedicate their race to more peaceful endeavors and expansion within their galaxy.

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