"I spend all day and night outside on my deck, looking at planet Haven and her beautiful rings dance across our ringed-skies. I watch as her sister, Hearth, darts across my view with massive cities lighting up across its ancient rocky surface. And when I look at this wondrous dance, I think to myself of how far our people have come."
Haven's Ring is a small ring world in orbit around planet Haven of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It was created by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 30,000 CE.


Haven's Ring, while not being very large, holds a large population of around fifteen billion people due to it being completely hospitable to humans without the need of any kind of protective structure(s) or suit(s).

It is most famously known as the first ringworld produced by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, as it would soon after become a very common trend, with each species having their own respective ringworld, as well as creating several others.

It's used as a sort of: "checkpoint" to those looking to enter within either Haven or Hearth as any extra planetary travelers need to be vetted by the respective check point stations aligned all across the ringworld as both Haven and Hearth serve as some of the most important worlds under the intragalatic civilization's dominion.

It was constructed using materiel from the Hope Asteroid Belt in orbit around the star Hope, almost using all collective materiel of its respective member bodies.


Across the ring is an artificial surface made up of massive oceans with several continents crisscrossing around them. Hundreds of islands, isles, and archipelagos are dotted in between the continents as well.

In total the ring has three continents, with each of them being various human language words for " Haven ". They are as followed: Haivana, Refugio, and Havîn respectively.

  • Haivana: Is the largest of the ringworld's continents and as such, it has the most dynamic and varied landscape of them all. Across the majority of the continent's landscape is a large, extremely flat grassy plain battered by winds created by artificial generators. Around the sides of the continent facing the ocean are large flat beach lands, with massive forests in a complete encircling line around them. It houses five large cities, and around seventeen smaller towns and villages. The notable large cities are: Hamen, Bandari, Przystań, Sebaka, and Oase. Also named after human words for: "Haven", a trend that would become universal across all cities that make their home on the ringworld. These large cities have massive populations numbering in the billions, while the smaller towns and village's population vary as widely as their sizes do. Its overall population is around ten billion people, with the majority of which being human, however many of the other sister-races of the Ambrosia Alliance make their home there as well. The same would be true across all landmasses on the ring.
  • Refugio: Is the second largest continent of the respective ringworld. Its landscape is a mix of large forests, and flatter landscapes of plains, fertile farmland, and grass-covered plateaus. The most notable landscape feature of Refugio would be a large canyon known as: " Ubezhishche ". It is also the most fauna filled of the continents, with it being host to many different animals imported from Haven during the ringworld's construction. It has three large cities on its surface, named: Athvarf, Āśraẏasthala, and Dhāma respectively. These cities are very large, with even larger populations of billions. Smaller towns and villages are dotted in between these cities as well. The overall population of the continent is around four billion.
  • Havîn: Is the smallest continent of Haven's Ring, and it is positioned in the relative: "middle" of the ring's structure. Its landscape consists of one massive forest filled with imported trees native to planet Haven. As well, it experiences a lot of artificial snow fall thanks to weather generators, leaving the continent-wide forest in a frozen snow land mass. The sole reason for this would simply be that the inhabitants of the continent requested it, as the majority of its occupants moved from cold snowy planets and moons. Due to this, most animal and plant life on this continent were exported from the colder regions of planet Haven, such as the planet's respective ice caps though it is not limited to this. During Christmas time, all across the continent people participate in arranging large colorful lights, making it very famous to extra planetary observers from Haven and Hearth, as these lights are easily visible on the two aforementioned neighboring bodies. It has one large city referred to as: " Caladh ". However the majority of the continent's populace lives in the many snowy idyllic villages surrounding the city. Havîn has a population of around one billion.

Massive snow-covered mountain ranges are spread in a complete line surrounding the circumference of the ring at the edges of the oceans as well.


The climate of Haven's Ring is generated through the use of various artificial climate generators, aligned all across the bottom of the ring. With these, they are allowed to create wind, rain, thunder and lighting, snow, hail, and any other climate or weather patter they wish to use.

The general climate used is identical to that of the Sol System planet, Earth, and its parent body, Haven, as humans are the main inhabitants of the ring. It has a temperate average temperature of eleven degrees Celsius, making other species living there who cannot survive Earth or Haven conditions to wear protective suits.


Haven's Ring has a massive population for the ringworld's size, as it not only serves as one of the most habitable bodies in the Hope System, but that it served as a famous novelty of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems as it was the first ringworld created by the intergalactic civilization.

Most of Haven's Ring's population is human, since the ring is created with humans in mind. However many other types of people that make up the Ambrosia Alliance make their home there, though they only number in the tens of millions compared to the billions of humans there.


The culture of Haven's Ring, unsurprisingly, operates a lot like its sister-worlds of Haven and Hearth's respective cultures do. However the ringworld's culture has a few differences. For starters, the evolution of Haven based life is a major facet of Haven's Ring culture, with a lot of the ringworld's job force being made up of zoologists and the like.

Another important facet of Haven's Ring's culture is the protection of Haven and Hearth, as it serves as the first line of defense between them, and extra planetary invaders. As such, many Ambrosia Alliance military bases are located on the ring's surface, with massive navy's of war ships ready to launch to defend the two aforementioned bodies if an attack would be launched by the Ambrosia alliance's enemies.


All life on Haven's Ring's surface is imported from Haven. This includes most forms of flora and fauna native to the aforementioned planet. They were introduced to the ringworld incrementally throughout its construction, with all Haven based life forms making their home there by its completion in 30,000 CE.

The oceans of the ringworld is inhabited by the endless species of fish, and other water based life forms that Haven is famous for as well.

Thanks to the subtle differences in the ringworld's gravity and climate, these Haven based life forms are slowly but surely evolving into new forms of life, with them eventually becoming a wholly unique ecosystem to its parent planet.


Haven's Ring history would begin with a proposal to create a ringworld in the Hope System after recent trends of ringworlds being created across the Milky Way Galaxy, in 29,250 CE, with construction beginning only two standard months later. During its construction, many lifeforms native to planet Haven would be place within the many artificial continents already put it place across the ringworld's oceans.

It would be completed in 30,000 CE, and would quickly become the popular tourist and vacation destination for many Hope System inhabitants, as well as other systems in the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, and it would also become one of the most populated bodies in the star system, with its population rising to fifteen billion only a hundred standard years later.

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