The Havenites were an ancient, late two species of bipedal Ave organisms native to planet Haven of the Mid Arm in the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 2,490,000,000 BCE to 604,000,000 BCE.


The Havenites were certainly an interesting species. They were large, heavy, and very theocratic people that had a similar appearance to eagles, or any other large raptor bird that can be found on Earth.

They had a long and storied history as a species. From existing and congregating in small caves, to having a vast interstellar government that held control of around one thousand star systems before they were ultimately "persuaded" to join the much larger Etymology. Eventually stagnating and just becoming *another* species in their massive civilization.

And much like almost the rest of the Etymology, their entire species and culture would be utterly destroyed once the C.Y.R.E.X rebelled.

Despite this stagnation and destruction, their history would be well known to the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, and later the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. Their home planet's next inhabitants. As they would observe the countless relics and wonders they had left on many worlds in their wake.

The Havenites were quite the hostile and violet race as their history shows us, as they often fought and squabbled with each other. As well, they fought against Nagala and their empire in a conflict known as the "Safe Haven Wars". Even after their induction to the larger Etymology, they remained a particularly hostile people.


The Havenites resembled many different types of raptor birds native to planet Earth. Most commonly they resembled the Haliaeetus Leucocephalus, or "Bald Eagle". Though this varied depending on a Havenite's ethnicity.

They had four limbs Two wings and two legs. Their wings were covered in around five hundred large feathers that would remain on them until' adulthood and would grow as they aged. If these feathers fell off somehow, they would grow back in a similar manner like hair. These feathers were also quite durable, as they had a tensile strength of 841 pounds. An adult would have an average wingspan of around twenty five feet.

These wings served three purposes.

One: Is to allow the Havenite in question to fly at a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

Two: As a form of defense against attacks delt towards themselves, as a Havenite would pull their wings around their bodies as a sort of shield.

And three: To attract a mate, as they were key to their mating rituals, typically ones with larger wing spans would find it eaiser at finding a mate.

On their feet they had large, powerful talons that grew constantly as they aged, causing them to grow too large to operate if the Havenite in question did not properly trim them. Properly trimmed talons had a striking power of around 145 pounds per square inch. Allowing them to easily break small rocks. These talons also allowed them to stick to many flat vertical surfaces.

At the end of each their wings there was two opposable claws. These were used to pick up food to put up to the Havenite's beak, as well as to pick up various other items.

On their faces they had two front facing eyes and one large beak. These eyes operated like your typical eyes of a predator species. They had a viewing range of around thirteen kilometers and had full stereoscopic 3d vision, allowing them to hunt for prey quite easily.

Their heads could also rotate approximately 280 degrees in each direction as it had 21 cervical vertebrae allowing for great rotation.

Their aforementioned beaks were used for chewing up food and or could be used to break into prey. This could also be used as an offenseive weapon, with an impressive striking strength of around 98 pounds per square inch.

And they also used their beaks to produce different cries to communicate to other Havenites, as they lacked vocal cords and the ability to speak. These cries had all the nuances of your typical language. And thanks to there being only one form of these cries, nothing would ever be lost in translation. As well, each and every Havenite had the same ability to "speak" at any age.

They also had two ear holes on each side of their heads, allowing them to hear almost any noise around them up to a one kilometer radius. Making it very difficult to sneak up on them.

Their diet's consisted of various meats that came from the large insects that lived in Haven's once vast deserts. Or fish that lived in the planet's once Great River that split the planet's land mass in half. They would also consume the various plants that would grow along the Great River, however the vast majority of them preferred to eat meat.

Havenites took around eighteen standard years to fully mature, much like humans and other humanoid species.


The Havenites in their primitive history behaved as primal predators, constantly hunting day in and day out, for both themselves, and their tribes. These tight-knit tribes would assist each other in any way they could and would often fight with other tribes for food, resources, territory, or just superficial reasons such as ethnicity or culture.

Due to this extreme tribalism, the Havenites were quite violent towards any other Havenite that wasn't a member of their tribe. Even after this tribalism was changed to monarchy's, and democracy's, Havenites still usually remained quite violent and hostile towards those who were not in their immediate family. However after the species met the Nagala, most hatred for others was put towards them as they fought in the Safe Haven Wars. Once being inducted to the Etymology, they remained quite hostile. Unless Etymology officials took notice.

Havenites originally had a very short life span of around thirty standard years. This is because of their large bodies, as each Havenite was born with a form of gigantism that lasted their entire lives. This made each Havenite attempt to do as much as they could for themselves, or their people if they were particularly altruistic, before they were taken by death. As their technology advanced they were able to increase their lifespans incrementally, until' their eventual induction in the Etymology, then with their highly more advanced technology, they became essentially immortal.

Each Havenite's mating ritual was the same, regardless of gender. An individual Havenite wishing to find a mate would spread out their wings as far as they could, then they would produce a loud and constant cooing like noise. Once a mate was attracted and found desirable they would begin to hunt together for upwards to around two standard weeks. Causing the two Havenites to form a bond and they would decided to create their own tribe. Afterwards, the female Havenite would lay up to four eggs that would take around thirty five standard months to hatch.

Romantic, familial, and friendship relationships also functioned identically to humans.


Havenite culture in every era was marked with aggression and hostility, as if it was some sort of inborn trait of the Havenites. They were incredibly hostile to others for a variety of reasons, other then those they viewed as friends, family, lovers, or superiors. This caused countless minor conflicts, as well as large scale wars. Most notably would be their war with the Nagala Empire in the Safe Haven Wars.

Another constant in every Havenite culture would be religion. Each and every Havenite would be taught of whatever their tribes beliefs was at birth. These varied in tenants and various other specifics, however each faith had one constant. All of them were based on the planetary rings of Haven, nicknamed the "Rings of Harmony.". This doesn't seem to have an exact reason, but most Havenite religions points to the rings as a divine entity or entities that brought about life on Haven. These religions didn't update or change in any way shape or form even after they became an interstellar civilization.

During their existence as an independent interstellar civilization, they're main driving force as a culture was to colonize as far as they could, and to spread out as quickly as they could. This would ultimately cause their downfall as an independent species as during their war and expansion, they caught the attention of the Etymology who quickly defeated them and forced them to join their civilization or face destruction.

Once they joined the Etymology, their culture would remain relatively untouched. Their religions and individual sensibilities would remain intact. However they would dare not try anything that would go against the Etymology or their culture.


Havenite government in the species early days operated in tribes. Individual Havenites would start families, and or be inducted into families, thus causing their tribe to grow. Most Havenite tribes had a tribe leader who gained that position due to their hunter and or warrior status by either gathering the most food for the tribe, or defeated the most enemies of the tribe. Though some tribes operated with a form of monarchy, or dictatorship.

During what could be described as the species "Medieval Era." The whole of planet Haven was ruled by a constitutional monarchy, in which one Havenite family would be randomly selected as the monarchs and rulers of the Havenite people until' they were deemed unfit to rule by the larger populace, in which case another family would be selected at random. This was in the hopes that one family wouldn't hold power indefinitely however this practice would usually just lead to inexperienced rulers constantly being traded for another ruler.

Eventually, Havenite government would evolve into a species wide centralized democratic republic. Meaning that a ruler of the Havenites would be elected and only be allowed to hold power for up to a maximum of ten standard years. This would last all the way up to their induction into the Etymology, where they and their worlds would operate under its laws.


Havenite technology evolved much the same as humanity's, with them starting out with simple wooden and stone tools, to them becoming a vast interstellar civilization. However unlike humans, they wouldn't manage to become an intergalactic super species due to them being crushed before they could reach that state, if they even could.

During their time as an interstellar species they had the ability to travel faster then light speed using a form of Warp Drive. Allowing them to travel across star systems fairly easily and quickly. They also would be able to terraform individual planets, as well as develop life support systems to allow for habitability on almost any world.


Ancient History

What we would begin to call the Havenites fully evolved on a landmass of Planet Haven that would become the Pathiel continent in 2,490,000,000 BCE.

During their very early history, the Havenites would exist in the many natural caves of ancient Haven. Eventually forming small tribes with family members, as well as lovers and any one else they trusted. Through these tribes, the Havenites would be able to gather vast amounts of food with their natural abilities of flight, sight, hearing, and their powerful talons and beaks.

Even in their early history, religion was very important to the Havenites. Each and every held the air and the sky of their home world as a sacred symbol of themselves, their people, and everything they held dear.

Eventually the Havenites would be able to construct simple structures and tools with their opposable claws. Making use of a variety of spears, axes, pickaxes, hammers, and so on. They would also construct small villages out of various materials like wood, stone, rock, or clay. These tools would become more and more complex throughout the thousands of years. Upgrading to simple metals like bronze and tin. To more complex ones like Iron and steel. Their structures would reflect this. From small huts, to larger houses constructed out of metal that would form villages and even large towns. They would also employ the use of farming. Animal husbandry. Organized religions within their own communities. Large organized military's. Writing. Economies. Basic astronomy. Sea fairing across the Great River. And so on.

This rapid expansion would cause communities to war with each other quite often due to them either entering each other's territories. And or the need for the resources they owned, as well as a myriad of other reasons. Usually the victor of these conflicts would either subsume the tribes remaining members, as well as their territory and resources. Or they would outright destroy them entirely.

The Havenites would continue to advanced quickly, making larger communities through constant war. As well as making major discoveries and inventions throughout more and more millennia.

However in 2,489,888,000 BCE. The Havenites would enter into their first planet wide conflict know as the "First Great War for Haven". This wars exact cause is hard to pinpoint as it was caused by a variety of factors. But they can all be boiled down to various tribes warring with other tribes, ultimately culminating with every Havenite tribe entering into this conflict. This war would last for four hundred standard years, killing hundreds of millions of Havenites. Eventually causing all of Havenites to revert back to their hunter gather roots, living within the countless ruins the war left in its wake.


Eventually, the remaining Havenites would slowly but surely band together out of desperation and need. These banded together tribes would grow larger and larger until almost every Havenite existed within one tribe. This lead to the ruling body of the Havenites to change from a tribe leader, to a chosen monarch that would be randomly selected out of a list of every available family. This constitutional monarchy would rule over all Havenites for tens of thousands of years in relative peace, causing the Havenites to return to the technological state they were in before the war, even going beyond it with the introduction of gun powder, and water irrigation systems.

This government would continue to be successful at keeping a relative peaceful society, even eventually evolving into a full democratic republic wherein one Havenite would be elected as the leader of the people for a maximum of around ten standard years.

The Havenites would continue to grow, up until their "Modern Age." with the inventions of electricity. Telecommunications. Radio. Automotive vehicles. Automatic weapons. Explosives. And so on. However one invention would lead another planet wide conflict. In 2,489,867,000, BCE, an attempt to create a giant nuclear rocket malfunctioned and the rocket would explode. The resulting explosion left a massive area of the planet radiated, and cause millions of Havenites to lose their lives from radiation. Causing massive outrage across the planet, many Havenites would wage a war against the current ruling body at the time in the "Second Great War for Haven.", eventually succeeding in overthrowing their current government. The Havenites would slowly recover from the nuclear disaster and continue to expand.

During their early space age the Havenites would construct primitive satellites around their planet, and they would also launch a mission to land Havenites on Haven's only remaining major moon, Hearth. Afterwards they would continue to advance their space technology, creating more effective satellites and rockets, and even small self sustaining colonies on Hearth.

This advancement would continue due to a species wide space race, causing them to reach more and more milestones, eventually establishing a colony on the planet Douma in 2,489,970,000 BCE, which at the time was a habitable temperate Terra planet with massive amounts of life, answering the Eternal Question for the Havenites. This caused the planet to be a massive source of food for the Havenites. And within the span of a few decades, the Havenites would have colonies across every planet and major moon in the Hope System.

Expansion was the name of the game to the Havenites, however after they colonized all of their home system, this expansion stagnated. But thankfully for them, the discovering of the Warp Drive slingshoted their expansion, allowing them to travel to other nearby star systems. They would expand across hundreds of star systems, completely colonizing every world that could hold them. However they would eventually come into contact with another intelligent species, the Desidia, an ancient early type zero civilization native to planet Tardum. When the Havenites first arrived, the Desdia would view this new people as Gods as they were so much more powerful then they were. However the Havenites weren't interested, as they completely wiped out their entire species and civilization off the face of their planet.

Safe-Haven Wars

The Desidia would remain as the only evidence of other intelligent life to the Havenites until' a Nagala shuttle landed on the moon Tutum, a world under the Havenites control in 2,489,864,300 BCE. This aforementioned shuttle landed on the moon due to damage sustained to it during a warp drive jump. After landing and realizing the world was inhabited, the Nagala operating the shuttle approached the nearby Havenites in an attempt to show they meant no harm and they came in peace. However this fell on deaf ears, as the Havenites killed everyone on the shuttle and destroyed it.

This event would be witnessed by the greater Nagala Empire due to a camera located on the shuttle. This enraged the Nagala populace, and a large Nagala fleet suddenly appeared in Tutum's skies and bombarded the surface of the moon, destroying all Havenite settlements across it, leading to the "Safe Haven Wars" so nicknamed due to the causing event of the conflict.

The Safe Haven Wars would take over all plans to expand, and instead the main goal of the Havenites was to destroy all of the Nagala and take control of their worlds. Unfortunately for the Havenites however, the Nagala Empire was much more powerful then their republic. Causing them to lose almost every conflict fought, as well as them losing worlds they controlled.

This war would last decades, until the intervention of a third party. Their conflict would eventually attract the attention of the Etymology, a large civilization made up of thousands of intelligent species that spanned across most of the galaxy in 2,488,109,000 BCE. They would silently observe the war until' they determined the capital worlds of the two warring factions. Once they were identified, the Etymology would launch a massive attack on both worlds simultaneously, destroying most of the settlements of both worlds, killing billions. Afterwards the Etymology would give both sides an ultimatum: Join the Etymology or be destroyed. Both sides would quickly join afterwards, subsuming all of their worlds and peoples with their new rulers.

Afterwards, the Havenites would be doomed to stagnate and fade into relative obscurity, as they existed as just another species among thousands. They would also share the ultimate fate of their larger rulers, as they were completely wiped out when the C.Y.R.E.X rebelled against the Etymology and destroyed all that they owned in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

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