The Havenite Republic was an ancient late type two civilization that held control of around one thousand star systems in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 2,489,880,000 BCE to 2,488,109,000 BCE.


The Havenite Republic was the ruling body that held control over all worlds that the Havenites operated within. It had a relative tight grasp on all colonized worlds under its protection during its peak, with very few conflicts of any sort, and was the longest lasting government of its native species.

They managed to colonize around one thousand star systems in the Mid Arm at the height of their power, and sustain a large population of around four hundred trillion.

Though it would be dissolved by the Havenite's entering in the Etymology, its culture, laws, military, and overall governmental structure would still be used by the Havenites until' their destruction in 604,000,000 BCE.


The Havenite Republic's culture during its peak, was made up of altruistic ideals that attempted to unite all Havenite into a peaceful Utopian society. Which it was mostly successful in, with very few conflicts erupting among themselves. However this was in stark contrast to its early culture, with an entire species wide conflict known as the: "Second Great War for Haven" in 2,489,867,000, BCE.

During the Safe Haven Wars against the Nagala Empire, the Havenite Republic's culture would completely revolve around this conflict, causing nearly every Havenite to hate all of Nagala-Kind and wish to see their complete annihilation as a species. This thought process halted all Havenite advancements as they fought a losing battle.

And after their induction in the Etymology, the Havenite's culture would remain mostly the same, as the Etymology didn't really care how their individual worlds acted. So long as it didn't threaten the Philology Council.


The Havenite Republic's military changed many times throughout its history in terms of size and function. However it would be at its largest and most prominent point during the Safe Haven Wars. During the war they had a ground unit force of around 2,000,000,000,000 as it was mandated by law at the time that every able bodied Havenite had to serve in the military in a mandatory time of twenty five standard years. As well as a fleet of around 200,000,000,000 Star Fighters made up of single Havenite operated ships, large frigates and control ships.

After the war, and joining of the Etymology, the military would stagnate and remain at the same size.


The Governmental structure of the Havenite Republic was entirely based around your common Democratic Republic. Each and every law had to be voted upon by the public. During its early years, most every law and policy put forth by the government was towards expansion, technological research, and agriculture. Once they became a space fairing race, most laws and policies voted on we're centered around exploration and colonization. However, once the Safe Haven Wars began, all laws and policies we're towards the war effort.

Leadership of the Havenite Republic was decided by public voting. Several candidates would put their names forth to be voted in as the "Supreme Ruler" of the Havenites and would hold that position for a maximum time period of ten standard years, with mid-term elections every five standard years.

After joining the Etymology, their local governments would remain untouched, however the larger laws implemented by the Etymology would have to be obeyed by the letter.


The Technology of the Havenite Republic when it first formed was similar to humans at the time of their "Dark Ages" with large castles and utilizing metal weaponry like swords and shields. However, at their civilization's peak, the technology of the Havenites would function like your typical late type 2 species, using large star ships and self sustaining colonies.

After joining the Etymology, their technology would slingshot and become much more advanced as they had access to all that the Etymology had to offer.


The Havenite Republic would form after the constitutional monarchy that the Havenites operated under slowly fell out of public favor, eventually turning into a full democratic republic. As it formed, its progressive way towards polices allowed the Havenites to advance as a species in rapid speeds, leaving their dark ages fairly quickly and entering a sort of long lasting renaissance period.

They would continue to advance until' the discovery of nuclear energy. As they tried to construct a large nuclear rocket, something would go awry and cause' it to have a meltdown and explode, leading to massive amounts of radiation to cover a large portion of the planet, in the process killing millions of Havenites. This caused the Havenite population to become disenfranchised with the current leaders at the time and a civil-war would erupt in the form of the Second Great War for Haven in 2,489,867,000, BCE. Ending with the current ruling members of the Havenite Republic to be evicted from office.

After the war, the Havenite Republic would continue to advance without any hindrance, eventually making the Havenite species a space fairing people. As they would explore and colonize various star systems, the Havenite Republic would continue to have a prosperous life, even discovering and ultimately destroying another intelligent species, the Desidia in 2,490,709,105 BCE.

Soon after, another discovery would fall onto the Havenite's lap. However this one was unwanted. A shuttle belonging to the Nagala, another late type 2 species, landed on the moon Tutum, a world under the Havenites control in 2,489,864,300 BCE. The shuttle landed on the moon due to damage sustained to it during a warp drive jump. After it landed, the Havenites killed everyone on the shuttle and destroyed it. Infuriating the Nagala Empire and launching the two civilizations into war in the Safe Haven Wars.

This war would engulf all worlds within the Havenite Republic, killing countless Havenites as they lost almost every battle fought due to their opponents being far more advanced. The Safe Haven Wars would last around sixty five standard years and it seemed that it would only end with the destruction of the Havenites. However the Etymology would stop that from happening, and they would attack both the Havenite Republic and the Nagala Empire, destroying most of their respective capitals and killing billions on both sides. Afterwards, the Etymology would offer a place in their civilization, or they would destroy them. As they had little choice in the matter, the Havenite Republic would join them and they would "dissolve" in 2,488,109,000 BCE.

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