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Hawaiʻi (RS 8474-914-7-1661484-197 in 0.980) is a temperate E-Class ringed human colony world located approximately 35.7 light years from the Cat’s Eye nebula. It was discovered by a small scout Federation scout ship in 4852, which carried some native Hawaiian people.

In the later years, supplies for terraforming and colonies were given to the new explorers, and Hawai'i was eventually terraformed in the mid 5000s with the help of megastructures.


This world is remarkably Earthlike. It has a diameter of 10324.1 km and a gravity of 0.8 G. It has a semimajor axis of 0.6 AU and a year length of 182.4 days. Its standard day length is 18 hours. The system is around 1.8 billion years old. It has no moons but a remarkable ring system composed of the remains of two smaller orbiting bodies as well as debris from a massive impact on the surface.


With an axial tilt of 19°38’, the seasons on the planet are more mild than they are on Earth. The planet’s mean average temperature was -11.6 °C at the time of discovery but when terraformed the temperature rose to tropical temperatures. Its atmospheric pressure at sea level is 0.7 ATM.


This planet was originally settled in 4852 by natives of the islands of Hawaii back on Earth, who wished to return to their roots and escape the progress of humanity. After the Alexandrian Network was brought online, which they saw as yet another death sentence to their way of life, they decided to move. They settled on the island that was the result of a massive impact millions of years ago. Other island cultures on Earth, excited about the new discovery, came and settled other islands, which were almost all volcanic. Some of the islands on Earth were abandoned altogether in favor of these new untouched paradises.

There were three major continents that were left fallow by the inhabitants save for a small Confederacy research base that was formed to study the small native microbial life located in the oceans of this world. When all pertinent data was gathered the station left the planet. They left stealth satellites in orbit in order to study the primitive cultures on the planet.

Over the next ten thousand years the cultures on Hawaiʻi remained apart and continued on as they had on Earth. However, progress couldn’t be stopped and soon many of the cultures began to develop long range naval vessels in order to discover what might be out there.

By 14412 almost all of the native cultures had discovered one of the three major continents and had formed thriving colonies on the lands that by their standards were endless. Thanks to the differences in culture early animosity abounded but eventually they discovered the commonalities they had with each other. Smaller tribes began forming up to become larger tribes in response to the dangers of other tribes and the unusual animals that lived on the continents.

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Image of Hawai'i's rings from the northermost continent.

With the invention of a more efficient light source in 14721, an industrial revolution began, and the cultures of the three continents met each other for the first time twenty years later thanks to the invention of better ships and primitive radio which was much more effective thanks to the planetary rings. By the year 15000 the three cultures of Hawaiʻi were on par technologically with mid-21st century Earth. They now referred to themselves as the Three Cultures.

They launched probes throughout their system and discovered a world promising enough for colonization, a temperate O-Class world orbiting the fifth planet in the system. The atmosphere was unsuitable for human habitation but the best scientists on the planet were working on primitive means of terraforming.

The Three Cultures spread through their system, forming colonies on many of the nearby worlds and eventually in 15421 they developed their own version of the Warp Drive and traveled to the closest star about 4.2 light years away. They discovered an entire star system as well as a cool O-Class world with organic unicellular life forms inhabiting the harsh cold waters.

A few years after the crew came back and reported what they had discovered to the people, a small unidentified object suddenly appeared in orbit, located in the rings. It broadcast a visual and audio message in all native languages, broadcasting a message of peace and goodwill to all the people of Hawaiʻi and describing an old and powerful human galactic civilization. They told how their ancestors had left the original human homeworld, a planet called Earth and settled on this world to reclaim their roots in a world that was advancing technologically. Days later a highly advanced ship appeared in orbit and a shuttle was launched to each of the three continents. The Three Cultures were a bit skeptical and there were a few attempts by terrorist groups to eliminate the new humans, but all in all the inhabitants welcomed their brothers from the stars.

Despite numerous other humans and aliens wanting to explore the cultures on this human world, the Confederacy promised that Hawaiʻi as well as space within a fifty light year radius was to be left alone for the specific use of the Hawaiʻian people.

The Three Cultures banded together and began striving to reach the stars more so than before, knowing that there was a vast and ancient culture living there and they quickly wanted to become a part of that. They built eco-friendly megacities, large space elevators and space stations. They began colonizing nearby worlds.

Hawaiʻi became a full-fledged member of the Confederacy half a century after first contact and have contributed to the galactic community ever since.

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Map of Hawai'i


Despite their high level of technology the people of Hawaiʻi are still tribal by nature, although these tribes follow a pseudo-democratic rule where whenever the chief of a major tribe dies, a new one is voted into his place. The global population is around 1.9 billion.


Because of its young age, the only native life forms that evolved on the planet were small microorganisms deep in the ocean.

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