Heittrisa is the third and oldest planet of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a warm J-Class world. It has a distinct white atmosphere with purple and grey cloud patterns.


Heittrisa has been largely left alone by the Ambrosia Alliance other then robot mining operations to gather helium for various purposes which are processed at Cevla Village, the colony on its moon Cevla.

Its massive gravity constantly tugs on PetramIusto and Haven. It serves as a sort of cosmic vacuum, directing asteroids away from the three smaller worlds. Some of the dwarf moons around Heittrisa would have collided with Haven millions of years ago, but were thankfully caught by the gas giant's gravity.


Heittrisa is a very typical gas giant, with many storms raging across the large world. The dominant gases that make up the planet are helium and hydrogen, much like the Sol System planet Jupiter.


Heittrisa formed shortly after the formation of its parent star Hope around 4,796,109,000 standard years ago. The debris from it's formation collected into its moon Cevla not long after.

Around 4,200,340,120 BCE the gas giant's immense gravity captured the fourth planet of the Hope System Blekiur, making the desert world its second moon. After this Haven became the new fourth planet of the system.

During the Etymology Era, Heittrisa became the first planet imaged from space by the Havenites during their early space age on 2,489,466,170 BCE. It was chosen to be the first body visited due to ancient Havenite societies viewing the planet as a god in the night sky.

They had some floating colonies located within the relativity cool regions of the planet as well. These fell into the planet when the C.Y.R.E.X destroyed the Havenites.

When human colonists arrived within the Hope System, they left it largely untouched, other then observing and measuring the composition of the world. However in 10290 CE the Human Alliance of Ambrosia created a small mining colony on the moon of Cevla to collect hydrogen that was mined from robotic probes.

During the Second Alliance War, the True Alliance of Man secretly stationed electromagnetic pulse drivers deep within the cloud layer of the gas giant to sabotage the terraforming of Blekiur. Thus, on 10509 CE the drivers were activated and caused the atmosphere temperature regulators to malfunction and raised the moon's temperature from six degrees Celsius to 148 degrees Celsius, evaporating the moon's water and causing a run away green house effect, making it uninhabitable.

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