"So this is what hell looks like"

Hell'OBen (71 Tauri 2.1) is a scorched D-Class moon orbiting the planet Hephaestus.


Hell'OBen was discovered in 2096 CE by an MSEP probe and filed away for further study. Later, in 2099, more detailed images were taken of its surface. Scientists then measured massive hurricane force winds that were able to throw around objects as massive as boulders. The maximum wind speed they'd since measured went as high as 521 KPH. Another thing is that Hell'OBen is quite similar to Mars in its pre-terraforming phase, as the world is plagued by worldwide dust and lava storms. Hell'OBen got its name from crew members, who immediately compared it to hell.


Hell'OBen Entry

Shuttle entering Hell'OBen's atmosphere.

Hell'OBen is a relatively young world. It was formed out of the accretion disc of it's star, 71 Tauri, and was captured by its parent planet Hephaestus. It was bombarded early on by many water laden asteroids, which gave the moon its water rich atmosphere. Over the course of its 150 million year history, it's been plagued by massive hurricanes and worldwide dust storms.

After its discovery, a contingent of scientists set up an outpost in orbit around the moon in order to study its natural processes, as it was a young world relatively similar to what early Earth was like. They found it to be rich in minerals needed for interstellar travel at the time, so mining operations were set up on the surface. Eventually, they became automated, even though the URSS had once lobbied to make this world a prison world. After the fall of the URSS and the rise of the Confederacy, Hell'OBen became the first penal colony.


Map of Hell'OBen

Mining operations have since ceased and the world has simply become a prison world, although there has been talk about terraforming the moon. Currently, however, the Confederacy has not given permission for terraforming to begin until 3021.

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