Hemasti (or RS 8409-1353-6-171850-779 in 9.7.3.) is a warm E-Class world and original homeworld of the Horuth in the Exotel System.


Hemasti is located in the Exotel System orbiting the star Mentel. It supports both marine and terrestial life alongside it's sister planet Vonri. It's semimajor axis from Mentel is 0.330 AU. Despite it's age, Hemasti only caught a total of 3 asteroids (Vonri captured 8)


Surface diff-1467057958

Map of Hemasti

The planet has a diameter of 10626 km with a mean temperature of 15.775°C. Being tidally locked, it orbits it's star an itself in 89.938 earth days.


Hemasti had a similar atmosphere to Vonri. Due to the industrialization, it's atmosphere had become rich with carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Only a small percentage of oxygen and nitrogen can be found in it's atmosphere today. The planet itself is mostly covered in water, resulting in a gigantic storm.


Being the original planet of the Horuth, Hemasti's population mostly consists of Horuth wearing environment suits to breathe freely. Most animals on the planet live in the underground, only a small number of races live on the surface. Fish-like beings however are living all over the oceans due to their advantageous adaption skills.

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