Hephaestus (71 Tauri 2), not to be confused with Vulcan's moon Hephaestus, is a hot J-Class planet orbiting the star Adephaga. Its most notable moon is the D-Class Hell'OBen,


Discovered in 2096, the gas giant was mostly written off as not worth too much study, seeing as it was a standard J-Class world. However, it became more well known after it's moon Hell'OBen was brought into the spotlight.


The planet's iron core formed out of Adephaga's stellar disc more than 150 million years ago. Gases began to collect around its solid core until it became a proto-gas giant. Many asteroids began to collect within its orbit and Hell'OBen also fell into orbit.

Physical Properties

There is not much worthy of note about this gas giant, other than its massive electrical storms throughout the atmosphere. Lightning the size of multiple planets can be sometimes seen by the research station in orbit around Hell'OBen.

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