Heriam Galaxy is a regular s0 type galaxy with 190 billion stars, 123.55 Kly in radius. It located near the center of Fahleia galaxy cluster.

About nations they are various and overlapped like other galaxies, the nations overlapping cause some conflict, it's a common issue and solves by.....

Heriam means "Disk Nebule" in modern Ekabium language, but in the first Ekabium language it a person name who firstly found neighbor galaxies aka Jahen Norh Sarith Heriam the Ekabian, this is the oldest name has used for 11.6 billion years, and it's meaning was changed for dozens of million times with never change name.

Sentient beings

4With 250 billion stars, that amounts of stars provide many sentient species and many colonies across the galaxy. They discovered a little bit of the galaxy, but ancient super colony gathered all of them, the supercolony had every bit of galaxy information, they also get other galaxies information from trading. This information has inherited for several billion years. It helps other sentient species which have primitive technology to travel across the galaxy, by contact with high-tech civilizations.

27% of all sentient species evolved from a few branches because ancient colonization colonized many planets and terraformed them, later they leave their own planet permanently, leaving non-sentient ecosystems, some of them take few tens million years to become sentient species. The rest were evolved from Protista.


11.6 G BCE

Ekabiun the first civilization from Nilemia galaxy traversed the galaxy and start to colonize, but not found any complex life even Protista, and planets are rare, also terrestrial planets are extremely rare. They go back to Nilemia because it doesn't worth for colonization and lack of heavy elements. In this time Heriam is 120 million years old

7.6 G - 6 G-BCE

The first native sentient beings evolved. They call themselves "Orc". They created a blueprint of the technology, dominated the entire galaxy, explore and map the entire Fahleah galaxy cluster. They don't call "Heriam" as the name of their home galaxy but use Miyat-att instead, they use Heriam when they contact Ekabiun. After they dominated Heriam galaxy for 1.3 billion years they were eliminated by Daneb empire, And many sentient species show up. They have been sentient beings long before Daneb empire, but they don't know about Orc empire

4.9 G-BCE

Phevetar trade link project explores a new road to the Fahleia galaxy cluster, they use Heriam as a trade center to link to neighbor galaxies. Many nations in the galaxy receive and adapt them, so this plan makes complete galaxy dominated nations impossible because trading makes knowledge spread faster to everyone. Effects from Phevetar trade link was expanded to the entire Cetemaza supercluster, it still expanding even trade link project was interrupted because it inherited by many companies

4.9 G - 0 G-BCE

Empire exists but none of them are dominated over 11.46 % of the galaxy. Many civilizations formed and collapsed as same as sentient species. In this time wars and conflicts are large in quantity not damage, minuscule chance of intergalactic war, but drastic scenario might happen. But the number of abandoned planets is growing, most of them are forgotten due to collapse of civilization and wars but everyone can breathe on them without a spacesuit. Everything has unimaginable changed in million years scale then billion will harder more than this


Savarah is the human nation, it's sound looks impossible but human species is one of exotic species collection, so they have some chance to escape.

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