Its an area of space, in a spherical form, that includes territories settled by Humans at a distance between 450 and 200 million light years more or less from Earth. It is formed by several galaxy clusters such as the Draco's Core Cluster, The Draco's Outer Cluster, the Ursa Major Cluster, the Ursa Minor Cluster, the Swift Cluster, the Telesian Cluster, etc... The central core of this space is the Lewis Galaxy and from it, human colonist expanded rapidly to unexplored and uninhabited nearby Galaxies, and thus creating the Herschel Space.

This region lies on the Constellation of Draco, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. It is also expanding to close nearby areas such as the Hercules, Cygnus, Lyra, Böotes and Cepheus Constellations. All as seen from Earth.

The Herschel Space is one of the top most populated regions of Humanity, with one of the highest human densities in the Universe.


This space comprises the area of Human Colonization and Expansion of The Lewis Nations:

The territory of this nations of humanity forms the current Herschel Space and delimits its borders.

Some Alien species also live and/or are native to the Herschel space, most notably the Aldorians and the Krizik, but also the Murban, the Noraki, the Arati, the Emeren, the Assor, the Khlakun, the Shael, the Uring, the Koors, the Arong and the Yoldar, among others. Some migrant Alien species have made as well the Herschel Space, their home.

Some of the Nations that make up the Herschel Space alongside Human nations are:

The Herschel Council, is a government body, similar to The Intergalactic Council, to run internal affairs and aspects of the Herschel Space. This Council includes all The Lewis Nations as well as all the Alien Nations that live within. The Lewis Nations, have as well their own Council, The Lewis Council, that rules Human affairs alone on Herschel Space and the Talondra Assembly, that rules Aldorian affairs.

Most of the Human population came from the Milky Way, from Planet Anar, on five ships carrying 200 million people. Most of the inhabitants of the Herschel space are descendants of this pioneers. Although other significant amount of humans came later on as migrants from other territories. The first colonist travelled quite far from Confederacy territory, and settled this region of space, settling the Lewis Galaxy first and then expanding throughout nearby Galaxies. All this heavily humanly settled territory of space came to be known as Herschel, in honor and after the discoverer of many of the Galaxies of the region for mankind during the 18th century.


There are three nucleus of Human population on the Herschel Space. The Core Galaxies, the Ursa Major Galaxies and the Ursa Minor Galaxies. Galaxies with an * mark the Core Galaxies next to the Lewis Galaxy. Galaxies from Ursa Major are marked with a - and Galaxies of Ursa Minor use a / to be marked. Isolate Galaxies are marked with a ^ instead. The Galaxies that make up this space are:

  1. The Lewis Galaxy*
  2. The Minotaur Galaxy*
  3. The Anaya Galaxy*
  4. The Perseus Galaxy-
  5. The Akai Galaxy-
  6. The Medusa Galaxy-
  7. The Jasper Galaxy
  8. The Agape Galaxy
  9. The Kyaneos Galaxy-
  10. The Icarus Galaxy-
  11. The Megara Galaxy*
  12. The Geminis Galaxy ^
  13. The Elcano Galaxy (NGC 6376)*
  14. The Poseidon Galaxy (RG 0-4-511-1070) ^
  15. The Tarnos Galaxy (NGC 6387)*
  16. The Bruma Galaxy (RG 0-2-35-698)/
  17. The Alexia Galaxy (RG 0-1-5-798)/
  18. The Pandora Galaxy (RG 0-2-42-237)/
  19. The Porphyrous Galaxy (IC 4669)*
  20. The Hannakon Galaxy (NGC 6370)*
  21. The Keaka Galaxy (RG 0-7-1160921-982)*
  22. The Horus Galaxy (IC 1258)*
  23. The Thisbe Galaxy (NGC 6394/lovers)*
  24. The Pyramus Galaxy (NGC 6393/lovers)*
  25. The Skadi Galaxy (Norse goddess of Winter/ NGC 6489)*
  26. The Larissa Galaxy (0-6-145115-984)*
  27. The Alba Galaxy (NGC 6391)*
  28. The Hellas Galaxy (RG 0-2-42-16)/
  29. The Kaila Galaxy (Inuit Goddess of the Sky/ IC 1250)*
  30. The Kyklos Galaxy (means circle in ancient greek - NGC 6338)*
  31. The Aspros Galaxy (NGC 6382)*/
  32. The Ulysses Galaxy (IC 1252)*
  33. The Iberia Galaxy
  34. The Ethos Galaxy (RG 0-8-11084934-327)*
  35. The Ukku Galaxy
  36. The Shar Galaxy (RG 0-3-393-250)
  37. The Aura Galaxy (NGC 6346)
  38. The Leukos Galaxy (RG-7-1160921-1056)

Timeline of Major Events

The following is a simplified timeline of events taking place in the various galaxies in the Herschel Space:

Before Common Era

Common Era

72,166 CE: Disenfranchised members of the Confederacy of Humanity depart from the planet Anar for the Lewis Galaxy.

72,176 CE: Planet Elpida is Colonized. First Human Colony in the Lewis Galaxy.

72,178 CE: The Republic of Elpida is founded.

73,388 CE: Pax is Colonized

73,392 CE: Mitra is Colonized

73,423 CE: Thetis is Colonized

73,677 CE: Haldar is Colonized.

73,763 CE: Alma is Colonized

73,884 CE: Lipna is Colonized

73,958 CE: Astrion is Colonized

74,091 CE: Rhea is Colonized

74,203 CE: Orbion is Colonized

74,331 CE: The Republic of Elpida is reformed. The Republic of Anthropos is founded

74,412 CE: Kalmar is Colonized

74,469 CE: Ildon is Colonized

74,608 CE: Thebas is Colonized

74,734 CE: Fenris is Colonized

74,810 CE: Remia is Colonized

74,899 CE: Numantia is Colonized

75,356 CE: Uldar is Colonized

75,414 CE; Trovis is Colonized

75,452 CE: Nenus is Colonized

75,488 CE: Sagawa is Colonized

75,529 CE: Memphis is Colonized

75,566 CE: Nikara is Colonized

75,585 CE: Obillon is Colonized

75,622 CE: Yasoinus is Colonized

75,783 CE: Nelnatis is Colonized

75,936 CE: Oawei is Colonized

76,117 CE: Yabenus is Colonized

76,426 CE: Frankia is Colonized

76:890 CE: Massive Colonization of the Lewis Galaxy began

77,500 CE: The Republic has a total of 355 Colonies.

80,000 CE: The Republic has a total of 842 Colonies

81,390 CE: The First Civil War begins

82,310 CE: The Second Civil War begins

82,648 CE: The Republic of Anthropos is reformed. The Empire of Mankind is founded.

87,580 CE: The Nobility War begins.

87,955 CE: The Nobility War ends.

87,956 CE: The Plutocracy of Gish  is founded.

88,527 CE: Empire of Mankind launches the first deep exploration of the Megara Galaxy

88,540 CE: Empire of Mankind launches the first deep exploration of the Anaya Galaxy.

89,020 CE: The Great Slave Revolt begins

89,855 CE: Slaves and Pro Anti-slavery, start migrating into Isso. Migration continuous steadily.

90,022 CE: Tarsus is Colonized by excaped slaves, Pro Anti-slavery and settlers from Isso

90,142 CE: Slaves and Pro Anti-Slavery migrate to scape repercussion. Migration to Isso and Tarsus cools down by now.

90,102 CE: The Great Slave Revolt ends.

90,190 CE: The Union is founded.

90,191 CE: Deep exploration of the nearby galactic Area is carried by the Union. Other farther areas of the Galaxy are slightly explored.

90,195 CE: The Akai Nebulae is superficially explored by the Union, some colonizable worlds are found.

90,198 CE: Carriyng the parasite known as the Gift becomes compulsory in the Union. Those few that refuse are forcebibly spelled and head to the Akai Nebulae.

90,200 CE: Nova and Mirdan in the Akai Nebulae are colonized by those expelled by the Union.

90,268 CE: Nova is unified under a planetary Republic

90,302 CE: Mirdan is unified under a planetary Republic

90,910 CE: The War of the Two Emperors begins.

91,201 CE: The War of the Two Emperors ends.

94,250 CE: The Empire of Mankind makes contact with the Union.

94,820 CE: The Empire makes contact with Nova and Mirdan in the Akai Nebulae.

96 499 CE: First Relative's War Begins

96,861 CE: First Relative's War Ends

99,032 CE: War between the Empire and the Union begins

99 230 CE: Massive settlement of war refugees starts in the Akai Nebulae Worlds.

99,378 CE: The Lewis Federation is founded by the famous Thirteen Founding Worlds of the Akai Nebulae. Nova and Mirdan stop being planetary republics of their own.

99,587 CE: War between the Empire and the Union ends

99,982 CE: The Union explores the Megara Galaxy.

100,210 CE: The Union explores the Anaya Galaxy.

102,565 CE: The United Alliance is founded.

108,450 CE: The Lewis Federation explores the Anaya Galaxy.

110,000 CE: The Lewis Nations start deep exploration of nearby Galaxies.

110,006 CE: The Republic of Sion is founded.

115,344 CE: The Republic of Sion explores the Anaya Galaxy. Soon other Galaxies followed

124,466 CE: Aldorians settle the Margins of the Anaya Galaxy and establish several colonies on the other side of the galaxy from The Lewis Nations.

125,000 CE: Most nations of the Lewis Galaxy begin to expand to other nearby galaxies.

125,002 CE: The First Colony is founded outside the Lewis Galaxy, on Turon in the Megara Galaxy.

125,110 CE: Planet Ordis is colonized by Humans in the Minotaur Galaxy as an Embassy World of the Empire of Mankind.

125,466 CE: The First human colony is established in the Anaya Galaxy on planet Aira.

126,000 CE: Large scale Lewis Nations colonization of the Anaya Galaxy begins.

142,255 CE: The Lewis Federation is reformed. The Intergalactic Federation is founded.

145,890 CE: The Lewis Galaxy runs out of habitable unpopulated planets.

185,955 CE: Monka is devastated in an attack by the Seekers during The War for All.

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