Hitoshi Corp. is a pharmaceutical corporation that exclusively serves in Milky Way. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations operating in the Milky Way and the Sol System.


Hitoshi Corp. started out as a small Japanese company selling herbal spices and basic medical amenities to the lower and middle class citizens in Japan during the 1890's. Based in Osaka, Japan, Hitoshi Nakamoto did not have a son to take over the business, Nakamoto instead appointed his older brother Sekiryo to look after his company. Nakamoto retired from the company in 1922 and Sekiyro took over the company as the president.

Hitoshi Corp. struggled to compete with the already growing Japanese corporations and the fierce competition during the 1960's, the company was still small and at this point was already dominated by different pharmaceutical companies like Ajinomoto, Chugai, Asashi Kasei, etc. Because of this the company always had to create and innovate new ideas to keep up with the competition.

After the War

After the events of World War II, the company had managed to survive and started to rebuild their resources and manpower. 1950's came and Hitoshi Corporation became one of the largest Japanese pharmaceutical company that survived the war and managed to hire more than 2.5 million working employees after the war has devastated Japan and left many citizens homeless with no food or shelter. The economic boom made Hitoshi Corp. one of the richest Japanese corporations at their time with no company rivaling the wealth they have amassed over the decades.

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