Hol'Usk, commonly referred to as Breadbasket or Farmstead by Humans, is an agricultural world located in the inner Sa'Kian system. Hol'Usk is mostly known for its large agricultural use, and its major food companies that reside on the surface. Hol'Usk is also famed for the humongous wheat fields, as well as the growth of exoitic plants and fruits found nowhere else.

Hol'Usk houses countless rural settlements, as well as a few urban dwellings near the shorelines. As a result of the rural domination, Hol'Usk has only 3.2 billion inhabitants. Many of these people oversee the automatic farms on Hol'Usk's surface, and they live a life of relative luxury and peace.

For a large portion of its modern existence, Hol'Usk was a world akin to Venus pre-terraforming. There used to be a large runaway greenhouse effect, which plagued the world from any colonization. At around 2500 CE, Hol'Usk began to get terraformed by the Lo'Xal Federation. It was completed merely a century later.


Hol'Usk contains many corporations based on farming and agriculture. Most of these are located in the small urban areas near the coastlines. One of these companies, De'kolo-Potal Co, is an exotic foods creator and distributor. Some of their foods, most notably the Xlin'Tak fruit, has exited the Sa'Kia system, and is popular across the Borealis Cluster.

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