Hopanians are a race inhabiting the planet Hopan, They are a very friendly species that have a close bond with Humans.


They are an avian species, having evolved from large bird-like creatures and like to inhabit tropical environments such as jungles etc.

An average Hopanian is slightly bigger than a human, having a height of 7ft.


Back in the year 102 BCE, the Hopanians original home planrt was rendered uninhabitable by natural disasters, causing them to search for a new home amongst the stars.

In 108 BCE, the Hopanians arrive on Hopan, haply at the sight of their new world. They name the planet after their original world which was also called Hopan.

By the year 110 BCE, they have fully colonized the planet. They are now in progress to terraform the planet. 101 years later, they have fully terraformed the planet, and start building cities and laying seeding the land to grow the jungles of their original home planet.

In 3436, Human explorers arrive on Hopan and were greeted with over a hundred Hopanians surrounding them with a suprised and excited look on their faces. They have now split half of the their planet with humans, living peacefully side by side.

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