Hope System orbit

Hope System's orbital map.

The Hope System is a star system located in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It served as the home system of the Havenite species, the Havenite Republic, and the Human Alliance.


Major Moons

  • Cevla (Warm S-Class)
  • Blekiur (Hot D-Class)
  • Hearth (Temperate S-Class)
  • Haven's Ring (Temperate E-Class Ringworld)
  • Aiene (Warm S-Class)
  • Luxpetram (Hot S-Class)
  • Coilsa (Cold S-Class)
  • Viridi Lesser (Cold I-Class)
  • Malla (Cold S-Class)
  • Traditae (Frozen I-Class)
  • Vastata (Frozen I-Class)
  • Perdita (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quirem (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quicurta (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quiscit (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quipotest (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quidicere (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quidamnum (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quiudem (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quicorum (Frozen I-Class)
  • Orbis (Hot D-Class)
  • Stercus (Frozen I-Class)
  • Cloca (Frozen S-Class)
  • Fictilis (Frozen I-Class)
  • Omnes (Frozen I-Class)
  • Aditus (Frozen I-Class)
  • Pulsu (Frozen I-Class)
  • Colqe (Frozen I-Class)
  • Fodered (Frozen I-Class)
  • Posuit (Frozen I-Class)
  • Quod (Frozen I-Class)
  • Rursus (Frozen I-Class)
  • Nunc (Frozen I-Class)
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